Nothing in Particular

Well stap me! Thanks Chris, how impressed will he be next time we video message? :joy:

And here’s me thinking it was similar to what I am doing at the moment, integrating my cooking with the steamer and the air fryer. :flushed:

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Well that’s a possibility too! :smiley:

They exist :point_down: but a quick google search failed to find any crome plated ones

Just noticed the white plastic plumbing underneath. All in all not a fully considered design statement. Not bad, but needed more attention to detail.

Just heard today that one of the guys I’ve known online more than 10 years died a week ago. He was one of the owners of and in his early 70s.

Makes one feel a bit numb in some ways.


It’s tough AM. I’m not surprised you feel numb. Early 70s is (should be) young these days and our relationships online (especially over a long period of time and on a topic that we share) can be surprisingly important to us. I think we have already said about this site, there are people here we would really miss.


Sorry to hear that.

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Yes, sad news.
Early seventies is considered ‘young’ nowadays but what is considered ‘elderly’ ? Living to about 80 seems to be acceptable before people refrain from saying things like ‘he had a good innings’ etc
What is a ‘good innings’ nowadays ?


Even though both of us have had cancer scares, Jim had two polyps in his bowel that were the start of cancer and my present very strange type which I must have had before I came to France nearly fifteen years ago, our financial planning takes us into our nineties.
We intend to be around for some time yet.
We can’t let the Brits down and we want to join the oldies in Trivy, one of whom is in her 104th year.
We hope that we can stay here and have a couple living in our ex gite to help us remain in our very loved home with it’s wonderful views.


Where Archtects diverge on practicality and cost.
For pure servicing white plastic is 1/20th of the cost and is easily replaced, whearas the chrome degrades and becomes very difficult and therefore more costly to clean and service.

Some good news…


An article in local news, bikers in Besanćon infuriated by the potholes have made nids de poules with straw and a toy hen in each of them. A poisson d’avril with meaning. The photo was sweet but can’t copy it.

Nid de poule is idiomatic French for pothole.


A movement!

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Interesting! They are right that nids de poule are especially dangerous for motorcyclists. The Motorcycle Action Group campaigns for this in the UK as well.

la France est passée de la 1ère à la 18ème place mondiale en 8 ans sur l’état des routes.

I shudder to think where the UK falls on that list - near the bottom among European nations I would imagine.

Les Rosbifs are using a traditional British “food” to tackle the problem:


Nothing should allow crap food to join forces with anything.

Well I think it’s suitable for pothole filling… :smiley:

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Full of chemicals those things if you read the label, only suitable as building materials. Why would you put that in your body??


As my old biology teacher would mischievously point out, all food is full of chemicals!


I refer the Honourable Member to the answer I gave some moments ago… :smiley:


And now, for something completely different….

A heart warming film

Beauty in motion + comedy :hugs:

(It is in English. I’m not sure why my link looks foreign :confused:)