Nouvelle Aquitaine: Air quality

Fair enough, this only covers NA… but I’ve no double there is another site for where you live.

I’m pleased to note it’s not just a question of my rose-tinted glasses… it really is great in our area… :heart_eyes:

Anyway, you can check out L’AIR DANS MA COMMUNE … interesting for those buying… and for those selling, why not promote the Good Air… check out L’AIR DE MA REGION as well… gives pollution and pollen… all sorts…


Hello Stella

Thanks for posting this. You do seem to know where to find lots of interesting information. Just checked our nearest large town Castres which is about half an hour away by car and it says 4 for today so that’s good. I imagine the quality here in our tiny village is even better. Important for hubby’s lungs that the air is good.