November Flowers

Took these photos in our garden yesterday. Just as well, we had a frost overnight, so some aren’t looking quite as happy today.


Here the choisya is flowering like mad, fuchsias and geraniums are still going strong, the autumn crocuses have been and gone and there a few stalwart roses still in bloom.


What is this? never heard of it? I’ve been very negligent of my garden this year (particularly with water) but my beloved cosmoses are amazing (and in fact I have new self seeded ones popping up every where!).

I have some gorgeous huge head mums that I bought in a pot and I love them! They look fabulous. Will they keep somehow until next year or are they an annual?? I tried to look up but read that chyrsanthynums are either / or - which really helped new gardener from the southern hemisphere :rofl:


Choisya ternata, Mexican orange : this is it


Our neighbour has a beautiful hedge of this dividing our garden’s :blossom::blossom:

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Evergreen clematis… flowers from now right through to March/April


Rosemary comes and goes all through the year, it seems to me…
still flowering despite the chill.


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I quite like the effect of that small rosemary, both my bushes are the much bigger ones, I might look out for one ofthose in the spring (or take a cutting from my neighbour!

So pretty! Does it smell like oranges?

I’m so happy that my cosmos have survived the frost, today the small one at the back had 2 bees and a butterfly on it!

I had no idea there was a choice of Rosemary… my bush is rather old and straggly now.

Do you mean the leaves and/or flowers are bigger on your plants???

Choisya smells a bit like orange blossom but not as strong, and the leaves are aromatic when crushed too.

I get very few flowers but the stems are much thicker and each ‘leaf’ is also much bigger and spikier, massively pungent as well, amazing for cooking. I’ll upload a pic tomorrow and if you want some I’ll send you some cuttings, I did some last winter and they all took (well maybe 80%) until I then left them in small pots and didn’t water them :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: even then they hung on for months and months over the summer waiting to be planted, poor things!

I shall have a research and see if I can find some as I love the look of it! I’m sure one of the pepineries in Bergerac would have them?

You are welcome to come and take cuttings, I think it isn’t difficult to propagate :blush:

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