Now ......the bored bard



the days are shrinking

the end of summer is nudging

unwillingly into Autumn.

stiff sunflower stalks

curtsey their heads

to a silent applause

while the yellowing corn

stands to attention

in Naponionaic lines

the sun’s flares

ligtht up the landscape folds

the straight Roman roads

tree lined

create the illusion of forever

the cafe shutters push open

slow on rusty hinges

round tables and chairs sit empty

on the village square

the post van pulls up

she smiles


the day is now open

and the clock begins its tick


Great poetry, slightly marred by mysterious Naponionaic allusion, which interrupted the elegy a bit clumsily, I thought. My mind was in a tangle of Napoléon and onions, and didn’t settle easily to the remaining lines.

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Hi there

Yes I see what you mean. I was trying to make historical links between Napoleonic and Roman times to try and give a scene of the passing of time. It was one of the Napoleons that had trees planted at the sides of roads and avenues so that the soldiers could march in the shade. When ever I see dried maize in the fields standing in straight lines, it reminds me of regiments of soldiers standing to attention waiting to be dispatched by the great cutting machines. I think there might be another poem there. Thanks for your feedback. It,s good to get other people’s

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I take it that Naponionaic was just a typo, then? :hugs:

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‘Naponionaic’ is a good word though! (You can edit the post to correct it Tony).

You’re right Peter, it does have an elegaic tone - ‘the days are shrinking’ - which works well with the morning opening up, the cheerful ‘Bonjour’ BUT ‘the clock begins its tick’ - it’s about letting time, and history in, isn’t it? - and that always makes for elegy. I liked it.


Hi Geof,
always good to hear from you…Thanks for your remarks. Not sure how to edit a post just yet. Have a good evening…Tony

There should be a little pencil symbol under your post - click on that and it should open the post for editing.
I’m always doing it because I have the bad habit of not reading what I’ve written until after I’ve posted it!