Now they tell me!

Thrilled to discover Lidl has an online boutique, as I need a new kettle and blender for the cottage/gite. So look through their options, plump for the ones that get the best reviews, place my order, set up my account and start to fill in my details, which gives me a nice long list of countries to choose from. So I choose France. To be told they only deliver in Belgium. Really??? That’s half an hour of my life I’m not going to get back. :roll_eyes:

they are a German company and belongs to the Schwarz Group.
Does Amazon France have the same products?

Lidl are doing a nice line in feeders and nesting boxes currently.


You can order really good selection including spares for things bought there, from They have shipped to me in France. The cost was moderate enough.

I have often thought both Lidl and Aldi are missing an easy way to increase their turnover by not offering online in France. It may be that the French authorities will not allow it, as a threat to the French way of life and existing bricks and mortar shops. IIRC the French government would only let Amazon sell some types of items during lockdown and not things which they expected French people to go to shops and buy when lockdown ended, so as to protect bricks and mortar shops.