NOZ - today's bargains

Today I bought:

Whiskas cat food pouches - 12 x 100g. Fish or meat both in jelly for 2€59
Pringles Sour Cream & Chives - large tube 210g for 1€
Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli wok sauce (small pouch enough for 2) for 49cents

They also had Pataks Curry sauces in jars for (I believe but don’t quote me) 1€69

Happy shopping fellow Noz fans.


Find your nearest Noz!

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No Brit beer :roll_eyes:
Near one tomorrow, I will check :+1:

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I did see some Greene King Bill but it was left over from a previous batch. My hubby prefers Leffe to anything else so wouldn’t have bought it anyway. Always worth checking, you never know what you may find. Happy hunting :beer::beers:

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