Nude with food behind the scenes

I know this has been mentioned before but it did make me laugh this morning ! :slight_smile:

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Don’t tell me their speciality is sausages… Boudan blanc et noir :joy:

Ha ha Graham

Here is a recipe that might make your eyes water … :wink:

Forgot to say I have tasted these and lots of other things I would never have dreamed of, courtesy of my French partner who enjoys cooking . Don’t know what recipe he used though as I wasn’t around for the preperation and I certainly wasn’t in the ‘buff’ when I ate them ! :slight_smile:

London did it earlier in June, It’s bloody November now so you won’t be able to see what all the fuss is about Haha.

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Seems pretty cool; looks like you can don a robe and slippers after shedding the personal accoutrements.

While earning money for school as an undergraduate, I worked as a receptionist/reservationist at a place in Northampton Massachusetts called “East Heaven” hot tubs, where you could rent a tub in a really lovely peaceful atmosphere. No salaciousness, just lovely relaxing tub rental. Anyway, before renting, you had to of course shed clothes and don fluffy terry robes we supplied. For some reason, dining that way makes sense too.