Number i

We all have a favourite number, I guess?

3 the trilogy, the Father The Son and the wholly Spirit

3 beats 4 Mathew, Mark, Luke and Ringo, but not if you make a table rest on an uneven floor that has 4 legs, it will wobble, the 3 legger will find its own level.

6 top score on a Die

5 fingers on a hand or is it 4 fingers and ONE THUMB!

Tom Thumb, the Hitch Hiker, Don't Panic, Adams thought the answer was 42, close Dug, but not right.

7 this is easy rhymes with Heaven, Warn by the Heavenly Beckham, 7 Days a week, or is ist 8?

8 One fat lady?

9 The inverted 6, we've all seen the Hotel Door'room number ' visual pun enough times.

2 Little Ducks, the Two fingered salute, Two's company three's a crowd. It takes 2 to Last Tango

No, on the understanding that ZERO is not a number it's a circle....

1-0=1 therefore 0 has no value

1x1=1 Notice the cross there on its side, in the middle there, two ones , making a sign of a cross.

1+1=2+1= 3 and so on, any number from Google upwards can be achieved with this simple adding method just put the Cross in between.

101010101010 This I don't have to explain,

Conclusion, as 0 has no Value and any number comprises least ONE 1. One is the only Number.

Numero UNO, One God, One Life, One answer, one Reason to be

LIVE LIFE, Love God, that is all

doh! James

..Un Deux Trois Cat Sank

yeah Smartie Pants what about fractions?