Nutella 'riots' spread across French supermarkets

Is this really the case?:

I really can’t stand the stuff


Now if there were a shortage of Confit de Canard - I would fully understand and be waiving elbows also!

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Well I’m partial to Nutella but not sure there is any foodstuffs that I would shed blood for,

“They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand,”

OK it might be different if I was starving and it was a question of survival, but discounted spread??

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The sad thing is, there’s no shortage of the product so in effect, the fighting is for a three euro spend reduction. I can’t believe the same people would fight for a five euro note dropped on the floor so why fight for three euros of discount?

Intermarche’s marketing team & accountants must be out to party tonight. International advertising of their discount. Almost certain that people bought other things whilst making their nutella purchases so overall revenues up.


Ha ha… glad I don’t like it…

No-one wants to fight over Marmite, it seems… :slight_smile:

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My understanding is that somewhere in the mass of French retail legislation is something that says you can’t sell anything for less than cost price. Which is why you get things ‘offert’ but you don’t find ‘buy one, get one free’.

So is the Intermarche discounted price still above cost price? Says a lot for their margin if that is indeed the case.

And why do it anyway? Did they discover that all their stock was close to sell by date? Or is the EU about to come up with something on the lines of hazel nuts are carcinogenic?

Oh yes you do! There are lots of BOGOF offers on Intermarché Drive at this very moment - either 1+1, 2+1 or 2+2!

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OK, times have clearly changed since I last shopped in France.

Au contraire Jon, lots of supermarkets have promotions where there is buy 2 the 3rd is free, or even buy 1 the second is half-price !
The use of Palm oil should be banned, I don’t buy anything that uses it !

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Nuttella …not very nutty.
Not very healthy.
A little peanut butter is good.

unfortunately most of peanut butter (not all) contains palma oils also. Used to love some good old smooth peanut butter but its crossed off my list as of the palma

same here. probably spent more time checking labels today that we did doing to actual shopping and must have put back at least 15 items with plama in the ingredients.

You look up Palm Oil and you are cascaded with info…no do not use it because…and it is a good.
My first introduction to the oil was through Sarah an African Kitchen porter who worked with us
in Fulham at the Perfumed Conservatory.
She would prepare "Fou-fou " for her meal every day.
She was a very lively. happy lady and good kitchen porter but she was a very
large lady…so I was not convinced about her diet.

no one debates the quality of the oil. its the damage they caused by how much they use to the area where its harvested.

Darn shame, too. Marmite is good for you!

I love Marmite. I happened to mention this to a friend… and he has brought me a big jar every time he comes over.

OH hates it, so I put a spoonful into soups and stews… and he is none the wiser…:heart_eyes:

Seems Ferrero are more environmentally sound in their sourcing of palm oil than average.

bit like the happy egg farm where the chicken are all happy running round the fields all day? there is no environmentally sound way of doing it on the scale they are doing it.