Oak framed windows and doors

We are just starting the process of consturction of a new-build and looking at the purchasing of windows and doors. Does anyone have experience of the ones from Lapeyre?

A lot to be said for time served apprenticeships and a passion for good timber and the right selection.

Whatever happened to Radial Sawn Lumber?

I understand your point but they are much as muchness but will be fine I'm sure. I am biased but if I had a choice I know what I would choose but the total cost of bespoke windows for a whole house will be more but some may say worth it as they will clearly positively enhance the properties overall look. I think we say 'chalk or cheese'.... 'roller or granada' !!! but my opinion is fine in an ideal world but we have to work to budgets and lapyre is the better bet if you have friendly recommendations. I cannot disagree that they are good value.

We certainly do Marc, think that's the English apprenticeships though, and the English section size.

Done :)

Hi Martin, I think we have similar views on quality. I also think the storm proof profile should be kept to PVCU windows and doors.

Sorry Vanessa if I put you in a quandary but if you want to watch the budget then the exotic windows at lapere are a good bet but stay away from Leroy Merlin as theirs are worse still and softwood.

They’re exactly the same style as Brico Vanessa, made in the same way.

Thanks for your comments Marc and Martin. I am talking about the ready made windows and doors. We have been recommended to Lapyre for them by a few friends who are very "particular" about what they use and they are not happy with the Brico Depot ones.

Marc - don't forget to add your surname please - ta!

I'm the same as Mark, i make traditonal windows aswell, so maybe our opinons maybe a little biased.

Some of the windows i've seen are quite poor, they seem to join lengths of timber together in the stiles of the frames rather than have a continuous lengths, makes for a weak point. I also don't like the fact that nothing is jonted together, it's all pre-machined profiles that are cut to length and screwed together, i also don't like the stick on glazing beads, they look really tacky, like Mark probably does, i make mine with indivdual glazing bars and the section of the timber is bigger than the thin manufactured ones are.

However, on the upside, if you want off the shelf standard sizes at a cheap price then yes they can be worth it and save you some money, personally they're not for me, but like say, that's probably a biased view.

Hi Vanessa

I make windows and doors so feel I could give you an educated opinion.

If you are talking about the ready made windows then they are super value offering good specification at a low cost.

But they are what they are value windows. Yes they have argon gas filled energy glass but I feel the frames are small in section, the hinges are very poor pin type barrel hinges and the locking is light duty just look at the vertical shoot bolt its very thin. In France windows are internally opening so special attention must be made to the drain holes or they will leak. Many of these windows are designed to be flush fitted to the inside skin which is fine if that is the wet wall (outside skin) but if the new build and dry lined then the window will be fitted to the framing. This may not be a problem but if the mastic seal leaks a bit then you have water ingress. This with cause damp or dry rot if no ventilation. In the UK under part p building regs the windows are almost always fitted to the wet wall and any water ingress is protected but the cavity.

Like I say they are good value but must be fitted correctly

I do make windows in the limousin but they are generally traditionally constructed in Oak but do last a lifetime and are pretty looking in comparison.