Oak Portal and Portillion

Hello everyone. Good news I’ve purchased and moving in a couple of weeks. A top priority is to find a craftsman, Artisan who can make me some Oak Driveway Gates and a side gate. They will need to be automated. It was all planned in June, but with 3 completion date changes the firm can now not take on the project until 2021. Yes Oak. No to PVC, metal, aluminum or composite. Before anyone tries to convince me otherwise. HAHA

That’s great news, but it might be a little easier to find someone if you gave an idea of your area, France is a big country!

Yes Mark I am aware of the size of France LOL. I am un willing to give my exact location but South West postcodes to include 16 86 87 23 79 36 24 19.
Thank you Jilly Bond

Wow - that’s a big area! :slight_smile:

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The original firm were coming from Toulouse !

Nobody any good will be able to make a portail and a portillon in a fortnight. Have you got the gateposts up?
As you aren’t telling us where it is for I suggest you look in the yellow pages around where you actually are, before we recommend an artisan who will just say no because eg it is 4 hours away and they already have a full order book.


I think a morning on the phone calling all the local menuiserie might what you need. Do you need the person to install them as well? And is there an electricity supply in place, or are you going for solar powered?

You might need to rethink your timescale tho’…

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I don’t need it made in 2 weeks ?? I’m moving in 2 weeks.

For my personal safety I will not disclose my exact location. I will not say any more on the subject.

I regret putting this online with the comments I’m getting back.

Thank you Jane for logical suggestions. I’ve Googled, emailed and called but its still August !!! I’m trying to get some names or ideas so I feel better about my security when I move. So long as I know someone’s in place there is no urgency in the time frame, but 2021 is not good for me.

I think the objective of putting this on Survive France is on the lines of " not what you know but who". Its always served me well in the past.

I appreciate your thoughts

I think you have had nothing but constructive feedback. I don’t understand your comment?


Ok sorry, I misunderstood “moving in a couple of weeks. A top priority is to find a craftsman etc etc” as meaning you wanted them quickly.
I think as others have said that getting your gates within six months or so is likely to be difficult because reputable craftsmen will be booked up. So 2021 is realistic but you might be lucky.
Have you actually got the posts, electricity etc done? Do look in the Pages Jaunes wherever it is you will live, that is probably your best bet. Oh and try asking your notaire for a personal recommendation, that’s another possibility. Good luck.

Jilly, I understand your security worries but how can you ask for an artisan if you don’t say where you need the artisan to deliver? I think you’re safe enough giving the department, Otherwise it!s Monsieur Google.

BTW, if you are in a hurry, have you considered PVC, metal, aluminum or composite? We ordered new alu shutters a month or so ago and even they had a four or five month lead time. Plus your oak gates will require a lot of maintenance and I guess big motors and/or super bearings due to weight. .

It’s a bingo call :blush:

Perhaps I didn’t make it very clear in my post. All I was asking for was ANY experience and recommendations of Artisans, Carpenters, Handyman that the Survive France members have come across. The contact and initial approach from myself will determine if that person wants the job, to travel, is local to where I’m going to be living !!! I’m baffled at the responses insinuating I don’t know the size of France, that I need them in 2 weeks, erection and maintenance of said gates, intrusion into my wherebouts…has been nothing but off putting and far from what I had hoped to achieve. Let’s say as I have tried the obvious approaches in searching yet still some felt had to be pointed out !! So I thought to try on this site I had nothing to loose and hoped to gain. I had found it extremely helpful in the past and thankfully Graham Lees has responded with exactly what I was looking for. Thank you everyone for reading my post but I’ll take it from here.

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Well, that’s great news…

Well Done… @graham (even though I can’t see that he actually replied on the thread… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. )

and well done everyone else who tried to help… :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:


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The thread has given folk in similar situations… lots to think about… but no Enterprises …

If you know of an Enterprise which makes such things as Oak Portal and Portillion… that sort of stuff…

it might well help anyone thinking along similar lines to Jilly.

just a thought… :thinking:


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I respected the member’s wishes and DM’d her accordingly :wink:

Yes there are a few on the 24/47 border that I know of but they are all booked until 2021 which is no improvement over the previous contractor for this ‘top priority’.

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If your recommendation would breach her security… then keep mum…

but if it is a general one for a region perhaps… that surely would be OK…

but I’ll leave things to your common sense … :relaxed:

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This thread has gone way beyond silly.