Obligatory Microchipping of cats

From January 1, 2012, identification becomes obligatory for all cats

Identification of cats aged over seven months and born after January 1, 2012 is now mandatory.

So far, it was only obligatory in the case of rehoming (gift or sale).

Only 20% of cats in France are currently identified.

The Bill, bought by Nicole Bonnefoy, aims to reduce the number of animals euthanised in shelters, “sometimes by mistake, without identification of the cat (and therefore the inability to find its owner)”, states the Senator.

We welcome this move with open arms, just wondering how it will be policed!

I hope the stray cat that’s just moved onto our field wont be subject to this new law, otherwise we’ll be forced to have it put down anyway, as we can barely feed our own imported rescue cat from the UK. I think if the “owner” wants a cat to be found they need to take the responsibility of chipping it and that it’s pointless having a law, which will surely make sure that all unchipped cats are excecuted.

If our own pet cat takes to this new stray kitten, we are hoping to raise the money to have it spayed/neutered, but we cant afford vets bills and microchipping for 2 animals and will definitely give our own animal priority.

so A)Does anyone want the stray we are looking after?

and B) is there a PDSA-type neutering charity here like in the UK? (is that a stupid question?)

I have a horrible feeling you may be right. And there is now way that all the owners who let their cats breed indiscriminately because they won’t pay for sterilisation, will ever (IMO) be prepared to cough up for microchipping.

I can’t see it happening either Regina.
My other worry is that the animal pounds may use it as an excuse to put even more to sleep as they are not identified, therefore not owned and this then gives the ‘authorities’ to do what ever they see fit!

A good thing! All our cats are microchipped! Mischief is additionally tatooed as well and all cats wear fluorescent safety collars with name tags, so everybody can see that they have owners.

Unfortunately I can’t see this happening in the countryside and on farms…:frowning:

Yup just been “checking it out” we don’t need to do anything as they are both already on the French registry.

No way my two are going anywhere! If they age like my last one they will still however be going a few more years…getting older, greyer… sounds just like their owner really.

Hi Jacqui,
If they are tatooed then it shouldn’t be a problem anyway, the microchipping is for new cats on the block.
The only advice would be to make sure that the tatoo is registered here in France, but even then, if they are aged it would be for your and their safety not to comply with any law, unless of course you wish to find new homes for them.
Hopefully that is not the case!

I assume this does not apply to older cats who are already tatooed? I guess I’ll have to go look this up as i never heard of this yet.

Both my cats are tatooed and live indoors, but you never know when they may be stupid enough to fall asleep on the window and fall out… yes it has happened!

Exactly Paule Marie,
It hardly seems that they are able to cope with serious cases of cruelty and neglect, and although this is welcome, we have to wonder how effective it will be in reality.

Great but I would think this is impossible to police! All our cats were scanned when visiting the Vet in the UK. This is never done when we visit our Vet here in France… owning six pedigree cats I am aware that some of cats get stolen and a routine scan when receiving treatment at the vets may also reunite some of these cats with their rightful owners.