Obtaining an 'S1' from the UK

by the way, I received a reply from the relocation company which is following all this paperwork. They said that I need to get the S1 as other people did (Employees who have been relocated from Uk to France with a French contract of course could have an S1 for them and their family, not quite the same for me and my husband who has a new French contract) They underline that there’s no other way out. It’s ridiculous. After 3 months in France I’m starting to be fed up as it happens all the time for many different things…

No, healthcare entitlement in France is handled individually. Since 2016 the “dependent” (ayant droit) status in France no longer exists, each adult accesses healthcare in their own right .
It’s true that if he had an S1 then it would also cover his dependents because that’s the UK’s policy - but since he doesn’t, you both fall under French rules and you both need to be accepted onto PUMA individually.

There was another thread about this recently on here, from another person who wasn’t happy about being asked for an end of rights letter from DWP. Not sure why folks have such a problem with this particular requiremen. It is necessary for the simple reason that before CPAM accepts you onto PUMA, they need to be sure that you are, in fact, their responsibility. They don’t want to go spending France’s healthcare budget on people who should according to EU arrangements be covered by another EU country’s health service. Hence they need something from your previous healthcare organisation, ie DWP, to confirm that you’re no longer covered by the NHS. It’s simply a case of asking for DWP for the letter - they provide hundreds if not thousands every year.

Here’s a post from another forum, from a person who did this a few weeks ago:

“In case anyone reads this thread searching for the answer to my question, you just call DWP on +44 191 218 1999 and select option 6. They will check that you are not eligible for an S1 and then issue you a legislation letter in English and French (in my case) proving your non-eligibility.”

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thank you Anne. That surely will do. I don’t want to keep both health services (and of course it makes sense that either you have one or another one, and you should have the health service of the country where you pay taxes). I just wanted to switch to the French system. I’ll call them again and see if they can do it. I called them twice and they said no to the S1 (fair enough) but also that they cannot provide me any letter or declaration. Maybe I’ll be luckier with another operator.

I have had a house in France for many years. I’ve gradually increased the amount of time I’m here so that now I’m here most of the time. I am enquiring about getting an S1 and have spoken to the UK DWP Overseas Team who have told me what I need to tell them. This includes the date at which I became resident abroad, which is rather moot. What I want to know is what I may lose on the UK side when I register in France. At present I pay income tax in UK as my income is in UK - will that change? What will be my rights to healthcare in UK once I am registered in France? etc. Will my official moving date affect my ability to apply for a Carte de Sejour in France? It is all rather confusing.

To get your S1 you have to be resident in France, and so you will have to make your tax declaration here on all your worldwide income. Depending on your amount and source of income you might find you pay less tax, although there may well be some social charges on top - again depending on your source of income. Tax offices here are usually very helpful so you can always go with a list of your income and ask. But first off look at the remain in france website as gives clear info - including the very critical point that to be legally resident here you need a certain level of income which is slightly higher than basic UK state pension.

With the CdS who knows! The current state of affairs re Brexit is such a mess that anything might happen. Basically if it’s no deal then you’re too late to become legally resident by next Friday. Otherwise everything is possible.

Under current regime UK pensioners retain their right to NHS healthcare when visiting and if they return. Again for the future who knows!

Hi there, I have given birth in France 2 years ago, my ex had to pay for the birth as I did not have card vitale, I am disabled with cerebral palsy and I have had no cover, they want proof of my bank account closing and a s1 form I am thinking off applying s1 E121 as I would still get my disability benefits?? Do you think I should apply for that? As I can not work and I have no income to pay my rent otherwise and then social workers will be back all over my case again with my son. It will take up to 9 months before I even get a payment here they said and obviously with no money for 9 months they will take my son off me as the social workers over here are to stuck up and strict. So how would I keep it so I can pay my rent until the 9 months has passed and then I will be given a french benefit payment? I don’t know what to do I can’t just give it up as my landlord will kick me and my son out and that is why I had my son taken off me as I got made homeless when he was 2 months old I got everything including my passport stolen off me whilst I was in a hostel and they took my baby because of it?
Any help would be a lifesaver…
DO any of you think I apply for health insurance to keep the social workers off my back as they are now saying if you don’t get card vitale your son will be taken from you as you are too ‘much of a liability’ if you get injured severely.
Thanks very much any help would be much appreciated xx

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I don’t have any direct experience that is relevant, so just a couple of suggestions as your situation sounds very unpleasant for you. There are others on here who know more about childcare in France and may have some helpful suggestions.

First off, is your ex French and named on your son’s birth certificate? As he has a responsibility to your son that he can’t ignore. Do make sure you have the paperwork on this.

Also, did you get disabled living allowance (DLA) or personal independence payments (PIP)? As they are benefits that can be paid to you in France is you are eligible - or do you get these already? It’s not quite clear from what you write. I would suggest you need to call the overseas health team at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and ask them what might be possible. Collect together all the information you have, such as your UK national insurance number, previous address, etc and ring them

Overseas Healthcare Team in Newcastle on +44 191 218 1999 or emailing them at Overseas . Healthcare@dwp .gov.uk.

I don’t know whether S1’s are given to people in your situation, but you can only ask.

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Hello everyone!
Me and my partner are having the same problem with the S1 form. I am working, he’s not, so they’re asking him for said form. Since he’s not retired nor working for a British company, we are told he’s not entitled to it. However, there’s the option of “end of rights” S1 form. Any idea how to get that? we’re in despair by now
Thank you!

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Gloria Baladron

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The dwp have an international dept and you ring them and tell them that you want an end of rights letter. They send one in French and one in English with the date you were no longer entitled to NHS care. It takes about 2 weeks to arrive.
When we initially went to cpam they gave us a list of everything we needed and we made a rdv had it all checked and sent away.
I can’t remember the number. I’ll try and find it.


When you do get all the paperwork ready for CPAM (or whoever) do keep a copy of everything you give them. Sometimes paperwork gets lost and if you have a copy it can save a lot of grief.



Absolutely. We copied everything but cpam were good too and checked we had copies before taking anything.

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Also I’m not sure what happens if you’re working and he’s not.
If your partner has sufficient company pension there shouldn’t be a problem.
We’re both inactive so were treated as a joint application as my pension is tiny so I rely on my husband’s.

Thank you so much. If you could find the number it would be great. If not, we will try google and will call the dwp on Monday first thing

I’m 34 and my partner is 26… not yet ready for retirement :slightly_smiling_face:

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Definitely copy your French end of rights letter because if cpam lose it you’ll have to try and get another.

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Ok. So im not sure what documents your partner needs then.
You’re younger than my children.
Exciting times for you then.