Official French Tax Forms - Declaration des Societes Immobilieres (2072-S-K)

Hello, I am looking for some recommendations on who I can contact for assistance with a form - N 2072-S-K "Declaration des Societes Immobilieres Non Soumises a L'Impot Sur Les Societies. To make a long story short, we purchased our property as an SCI as we were planning on running a B&B and restaurant out of it. Many months later, we are still awaiting a Visa. We have no income to declare, but many expenses. I'm wondering if it even matters to include them and do they have carryovers like in the states? I've contacted KPMG but they are too busy. I don't need a lot of help, but do need some advice. Can anyone recommend where I should go for assistance - what the title of the job is? It took me months to figure out an Avocat was an attorney, lol. I used to know things before I came to France!

Thanks, Guillaume - would you know what type of professional I would seek advice from? KPMG suggested the SCI, but now they are too busy to respond to me requests for assistance.

Dear Donna,

Although I have not seen your particular circumstances, it seems curious that you were advised to set up a SCI to run a gîte. The SCI is a non-trading type of company and therefore it would have been a mistake (both legally and from a tax perspective) to run a business with it.

I would mention the following points whenever a SCI is involved and regardless of the specific situation:

- “run” the SCI i.e. register the accounts and approve them in the annual general meeting at least once a year,

- whenever you have a query about the SCI, first check its articles of association (statuts),

- fill in your tax returns in line with the above 2 points.

I suggest you seek advice to clarify the consequences of the SCI (both from a French and US perspective) and explain its management.

I hope this helps.