Officials warn of ‘putrefying’ rubbish after no-deal Brexit

I bet it won’t be outside Rees Mogg’s £5 Million house in Westminster.

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That’s where most of the rubbish comes from


Obviously another slow news day.

What do you mean Timothy?

If there is no real news then it’s easy to trot out another no-deal Brexit scare story, lazy journalism.

Or alternatively, raising awareness of the shit storm that some people (snorts with derision) voted for.

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Is this fact though? Even the UK government’s own Brexit website is publishing stuff that is at odds with the French Interior Ministry’s advice, who should we believe?

I don’t imagine that the French Interior Ministry is overly concerned with British refuse collection. Is there an update about this on their site?

I’ll go with the country I live in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good advice!

I believe so Cat, this was pulled from an official memo -

‘pas plus de déchets anglais, yippee!’

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I can’t believe I didn’t see it before - all this “will of the people” carp. It isn’t bowing to the result of the plebiscite - it’s pinning blame as far away from the politicians as possible.