Oil supplier needed

Can anyone please suggest any oil suppliers for our boiler in the Cahors area or tell me the appropriate word/phrase, in French, to enter for a Google search?

I believe you are looking for Fioul domestique.

Some of the larger supermarket chains like E.Leclerc Cahors

I’ll try that. Thank you Graham.

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I use https://www.fioulmarket.fr/
They are nation wide suppliers.

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Thanks for that.

If you are in a small commune ask your Marie as many places now do grouped deliveries for a cent or two less, so they will know.

Or ask a neighbour!

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FioulReduc.Com is useful. You can put your postcode in and it will come back with the best deals in your area.

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OMG! The price!! Just looked at their estimator and price is €1.53 a litre or more :scream:

I ordered some oil from E.leclerc in Saint junien near Limoges about two weeks ago but they won’t deliver until the end of September. Fortunately we’re not desperate for the oil. But the disappointing aspect is they do not give a price until the day of delivery when they ring up and check that we are agreeable. Back in may we paid 740 for 500 litres. So as prices have risen slightly since then I’m expecting to pay about 900 euros for 600 litres. This will give us about 1000 litres which we will try to make last until next may

graphic from today https://www.fioulreduc.com/ seems about right. I don’t use oil but hopefully the price will continue on its downward trend.

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Ism’t that an artificially induced downward trend as Macron has pushed through a 24centime reduction for the moment?

No idea as I haven’t followed the fioul price as I don’t use it (thankfully) but why not profit from the trend, monitor it and purchase before it reverses and goes the other way - which was my reason for posting the link and graphic and to confirm geoffrey’s notion on price expectation.

It will reverse and go the other way the day after the subsidy ends!

I’ve found our local supplier here in Correze offers cheaper fuel than www.fioulmarket.fr.
1.53 a litre? It’s come down since we last purchased in mid winter. Will Macron help with fioul price as has been suggested? I’m hanging on before we refill to see if it transpires. 230 million euros was mentioned.

Hasn’t this happened already with the 25 centime reduction?