Old 'classic' citroen model 8? Renovation or parts

Free to whoever will come and take it away! Teillet, Pampelonne 81190 Tarn

This old car has been left by previous owners of the house we have just bought and we just want to have it removed. It could be a good project for anyone into restoring old models or if parts are needed. We don’t have any papers for it but do have a key - even though the car doesn’t of course start!

nice project for someone… but not so easy if there are no papers to go with it. :cold_sweat: Do you know who is the actual owner of the car ??

Not difficult without papers through FFVE.


I am wondering how one goes about registering a vehicle at the Prefecture when there are no papers available … ie no Carte Grise and no document of sale from the Owner…(whoever that may be)

There isn’t enough info available to get a certificat de non gage… either…

so where does FFVE fit in this situation ??

One of the services provided by FFVE is to produce paperwork for ‘barn find’ type cars. Surely this is exactly that.

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Ah, yes, quite possibly… it’s been a long time since we have done anything like this… I would love the Ami … but loathe to take on a problem… too much on my plate already.

Well I presume the previous owners of the house

I know from personal experience… that one should never assume…:wink:

It would be helpful if you could ask them about the vehicle… perhaps they have the carte grise and just don’t want to keep the car… in which case they can do a simple bit of paperwork and… voilà… all sorted.

Cars gone!

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Just spotted this!!!

A Citroen Ami would be my perfect car for our house in France… I love cars with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi!’ :sunglasses: Wasnt too far from our place either…