Old-style schooling does exist

(stella wood) #1

Fascinating account of a “one-class fits all” school in Vaucluse (21 kids , ages 5-10).

Phew, that teacher is so dedicated … kids and parents profit from her professionalism and hardwork…


(Teresa Shipley) #2

My grandson is in a school of 32 children. They have 3 teachers. The best thing is all of the children get on well and the older ones help the younger at playtime. It’s like a big family.
This teacher certainly has her work cut out.

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(stella wood) #3

The commune has a constant battle with “above” to keep the school open… and not split-up the kids and bus them off, all over the place… that sort of thing can rip the heart out of a commune…


(Mark Robbins) #4

Likewise, same in ours, a constant battle. Think we have about 30 in the 2 classes.

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(stella wood) #5

Any news on the windfarm ??


(Mark Robbins) #6

Well, they came and made their presentation, all very nice and sparkly with a hint of glamour chucked in. It’s got to go through environmental impact studies, financial feasibility studies, planning bla bla…
Looks like as well as the land owner, the commune and com com get a bung so it’s bound to be accepted. We had a vote after they left, 6 for and one against - me.

Only good thing, it’s probably going to take at least 6 or 7 years


(stella wood) #7

Be interesting to follow the Environmental Impact Studies… all depends… the results can make or break a project… :thinking:


(Mark Robbins) #8

I’m hoping it’s going to break it. There’s a place for wind turbines, about 5 klicks offshore preferably