Old Vines

We have an old vine trained along he front of our house (see pic). It runs the full length and was probably planted around the time the house was built around 1880

. It does produce fruit and for the last couple of years we've been here, I've been pruning back the trailing vines about now (just after the first fruit clusters have begun to appear) to one or two leaf clusters beyond the fruit. Occassionally I've sprayed it for mildew but apart from that it has had little care. Should I be doing anything else and if so what and when? All and any advice and tips greatly appreciated.

We’ve got an old vine too and give it very little care and attention, but it seems to flourish nonetheless and even put out sports around the terrace. It produces loads of delicious grapes, but of very variable sizes, with huge one and tiddlers often on the same bunch.

Sorry I can’t be of any practical help but I thought I’d say it looks lovely!