On a role

Occasionally we all get asked who our role models are and I can never think of anybody sensible, I know I should say the Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa, but I just can’t. Then the other day, reading an article about the Duchess of York’s latest scheme to make some money, I found someone. Of course “sensible” is perhaps not the word that most people would apply to Fergie but you’ve got to admire her ability to make the best of any situation, to pick herself up, dust herself off and start all over again and she’s being paid £200,000 to bare her soul on American TV.

Of course we all do stupid things in our lives, things that make us blush just to remember them, but it’s comforting to think that however stupid we’ve been, however embarrassing to our friends and families, in comparison to Fergie we are models of propriety and pillars of the community and if she can remake herself then so can we.

So next time you foul things up at work, get caught helping yourself to the contents of the stationery cupboard or discover at the end of that all important presentation that you had your flies undone (so that’s why everyone was grinning), never mind, worse things happen at sea and to Fergie and if she can get over it and move on so can we.

So next time you’re in a tricky situation or have a difficult decision to make, ask yourself “What would Fergie do?”……then maybe do the opposite!

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Thanks for taking the time to comment Jennifer. If Beatrice’s taste in hats is anything to by, I don’t hold out much hope for her!

Its very easy to do as she does - blundering forward, selling herself and all and everyone around her but in the end it bites you in the “butt” as they say in the states! Nothing is for free and she has made herself into a laughing stock of selfishness and stupidity - one wonders how her two seemingly sensible children feel - hopefully they wont use her a role model!