On similar vein to what do you pay for wood, what do you pay for bottled Gas?

We moved in last year in May and there are two BIG gas bottles in the yard. One appears all but empty and the other we are using and still has a bit in it but we are going to need to buy a buy one soon. We only use it for cooking, and the local supermarket sells the bottles. I assume we take the empty one back and get a full one? Any idea what we are likely to have to fork out. They are about 4 foot tall and silver coloured I am not even sure what sort of gas is inside them. Very vague sorry!!

:-) - very big smiley David - equal division of labour - I take care of the little things like changing the car :-o

Would you believe it. While cooking this evening off went the burners. Now we have two empties and the one bought two weeks ago had to be connected. Out in the dark, finding the right kind of pliers then struggling with the bottles. Got in the end.

Mind you, had I not managed we can cook on the Rayburn just as well, but it would have meant taking the washing of the kitchen maid above it then hanging back up again. Quicker to do the gas bottle.

yes that's a point Tracy - ours are only c. 2' tall. And don't worry your pretty little head - the price and replacement IS a man's job

:) (self-satisfied smug beam!)

getting the height right obviously isn't!

Four foot is very large though, ours are only about 2ft tall for cooking? Don't have a clue what they cost though, thats definitely a mans job in our house :-)

We pay €28, know because we got one two weeks ago, roughly six months for cooking only like David. We always have one turned on, the other ready to turn on (two connectors) and a third on reserve. It is a pretty reasonable economy.

We pay about 27 euros a bottle and each one lasts us c. 6 months (we only use it for cooking too). Yes take the empties back :)