One Click and a little help will go a long way

Get prepared !!
For the month of January 2013, Chats du Quercy have been selected for « On les aime, on les aide ».

Please participate and help Chats du Quercy to an excellent start to 2013.

Each month, Second Chance presents a project the online pet shop “Wanimo” .

All you have to do is vote for us on Second Chance facebook page by clicking on ‘like’, the more votes we get the more goodies we’ll receive for our Rescue Centre cats.

If 400 people like our project, Wanimo will offer us necessary accessories for the welfare of our Rescue cats, so please ask everyone you know to help out too! helps animal protection charities throughout France to find loving homes for the animals in need. With more and more visitors each month, this helps is essential to charities such as ours.

Thanks everso much in advance!!

Wow, that looks like a whole lot of kitty-fun. Well done and congratulations Lynn!

Thank you so much for helping us acheive our target on - here is a selection of what arrived this morning - Thanks to you all, it is Christmas again for our Rescue Cats!!![](upload://cBtmdBeQzVpVAwgBKuf1XAhbmSK.JPG)

Thank you everyone for clicking away, we have passed our target in very few days.

You are all fantastic!

Merci from all our four paws!

Thanks Suzie, it is absolutely fantastic - just looked and we are at 251 in just half a day, only 149 to go!!!

Clicked,liked and shared !!!!!

Done - let's hope that clocks up a few more. Wonderful that you're almost halfway there already.

Thanks Valerie and Melissa, please share with everyone you know we already have 175 likes and 60 shares!!!

So now I am going to join Facebook! Go Lynn, Go Chats du Quercy (with love)!

p.s. Don't you love the two little tabby behinds on either side of the photo?

Binka, Chloe, Felix and I have clicked away. I wish we could have done a 'like' each to boost the numbers. I really hope you get loads of goodies. Fantastic work Lynn.