One for you Ladies...!

A few months back I was feeling especially flabby and unfit (sound familiar?) - lockdown had taken its toll and I realised that I needed to Do Something. When I spotted a ‘5 Day Ab Challenge’ on FB, I thought ‘why not’ and signed up. I’ve tried loads of fitness apps and programs over the years and never found anything that is half as good as a real, live instructor so I wasn’t expecting much.

But, after 5 days, I felt way better, my posture was 100% improved and I could feel the difference. I didn’t want to stop. So I signed up and have been a ‘Backstage Ballet’ member ever since.

Why, is this so good and more to the point, worth paying for? Trust me, I am the Queen of Free and very rarely part with cash but this program is different. For starters, the workouts work. They are short, easy to fit into your day and EFFECTIVE. I’ve lost a good inch or two all over, am way more supple and look and feel better than I ever have. You do get a real, live instructor (or as near as dammit) through the videos and live sessions. Sarah is a fabulous teacher and always mentions what you need to stop doing just as you are doing it! There’s a lovely supportive community behind it and the holistic approach to whole body (and mindset) well being really works.

But don’t take my word for it - you can sign up here and read more here.

And, this is NOT a sponsored post or advertorial- I offered to promote this simply because it has proved so beneficial for me and I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

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wow… looking much younger @cat

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Not just ladies surely…I could cope with OH looking a bit tauter


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I’ve just read the links @cat and it looks great but I think it would work best for young people like yourself…some of us are a bit past it… :smiley:

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Honestly, it is so gradual and gentle and Sarah always gives alternatives - “if you have issues with your knees, then do this with bent legs / straight legs” or whatever, that I think anyone who isn’t in a wheel chair would be fine! It’s all about doing what you can do and progressing - gradually…

Thanks @cat … before lockdown I’d been doing a yoga class which worked really well for me but I’ve not found anything suitable on-line so far.

Is your yoga teacher not doing classes “en visio”? Our pilates has kept going throughout, and she films each session so if you miss one you can do it later (or do it again if you are keen!).

I also do Mr Motivator’s Daily Dozen, which is only 10 minutes or so and he makes me hoot with laughter so a good way to start the day.

Ballet sounds great, but possibly requires too much movement of the joints for me.

It’s much more akin to Pilates / yoga - no leaping around in a tutu :slight_smile:

Do you need to stretch for this, I have abdominal adhesions which stops me from doing quite a lot?

My tutu days, if I ever had them, are long gone! I will have a look as nice to do something new for a bit.

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If you let me know what you can’t do via a message I will have a think and let you know! Xx

My first yoga teacher was doing zoom sessions but my house is so small I can just clear space for a mat for exercise but not with a computer as well! The classes I was doing here have stopped with no on-line anything.