One less plastic thing

Maybe you are all ahead of me, but have just discovered toothpaste tablets. Little pills that you chew and then brush. So I’ve ditched the plastic toothbrush, shampoo and conditioners bottles so pleased to find something else that has a non-plastic alternative. One step at a time…

My sister sent me a starter supply, which is about same price as normal toothpaste. But the only problem seems to be that they are 4 times as expensive in France - does anyone know where you can get them for a reasonable price?

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Sounds very interesting Jane - I have been wondering about the tubes… but I cannot do without my toothbrush.

You’ve probably already told us, but please do remind me what you use for brushing your teeth… ??? :thinking:

It was Vero who directed me toward bamboo toothbrushes from intermarché.

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Cheers - I’ll have to check that out then, next shopping trip.

Tablets are good and there are various powder toothpastes as well, varipus flavours and makes - usually easiest to get from Biocoop or La Vie Claire or Le Marché De Léopold…

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When I was little, I remember my Aunt’s family used a solid toothpaste in a tin. You dampened the brush and rubbed it vigorously over the solid stuff until enough had stuck to the bristles to give the teeth a good cleaning… :thinking:

Sure she wasn’t having you on and giving you the boot polish??:joy:

:wink::wink: It was intriguing as I had never seen solid toothpaste before,
it may well have been this stuff…

and I recall they all had their own beakers


Oh, I would have loved a gay beaker!

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Those were the days… :upside_down_face::grin::grin:

As an aside, I was pleased to find cotton buds with paper stems, intermarche own brand. Cheaper than the plastic one too!


Or Swarfega? :grimacing:


Have I time travelled?

Explain yourself, earthling. Your utterance does not register with our circuitry.

Try 0001011010001101011000110100011100110101011100 for starters

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Peter, the thread was showing it had been updated 3 days previous. When I clicked on it August 2019 was the last update :thinking::woman_shrugging::crazy_face:

Yes, it emanated from the Swarfega-Dentifrice constellation in an un-named galaxy in deep space :milky_way::upside_down_face:

Someone posted a few days ago and then the post was removed. I think it was possibly a little inappropriate for this site.
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it certainly was risqué :wink: :raised_hands:

Was that the tits? I got a couple of messages about the picture and deleted it.