One Million Pound Donation to The People's Vote Campaign

The multi millionaire Julian Dunkerton has donated one million pounds to The People’s Vote Campaign to fund opinion polls to support a vote for a second Referendum on Brexit.
Fantastic, this could really be the start of the fight back.


Yes, Jane, the battle lines are being drawn up on both sides, and it looks like there will be many casualties, plenty of “collateral damage”, and some of us may be used as “human shields” - the usual language of all-out war will apply.

Be ready for someone to tell us “The lights are going out all over Europe” well before the clocks go back… :confused::grin:

I think it has started Peter - the revolution!
Raab insists that he is going to Brussels on Thursday to jivvy up Michel Barnier (doesn’t he know he is French and the French don’t do Brexit in August?) and Nigel Farridge is announcing his comeback to front line politics with the suggestion that TM gets shot of all the civil servants working on Brexit and put hard nosed businessmen in their place to move things forward… ueah, right. His mate Trump perhaps?
Maybe Farridge has just woken up to the fact that the UK crashing out of Europe might put his pension at risk…

I hope that it will give a platform for all those who did not really consider what would be the reality and those who were swayed by the lies on the battle bus to say they have changed their minds.


Did I read in the last few days that Boris is being encouraged to have another go with the bus?
Perhaps he’s been watching the ‘get rich quick’ program on the telly (now he has more time on his hands…)
Tell 'em once, tell 'em twice then on the third time of telling, they’ll believe anything you say…
That maxim is probably written in Trump’s book"The Art of the Deal"

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Some of the leave voters I suspect will double down. I have one member of my family who is younger and in the forces. He’s not stupid and from a very cosmopolitan family. So he’s voting from a position of comfortable privilege.

At the other end of that spectrum I’ve a friend who shares all those annoying anti-refugee facebook ads who also liked She’s not that well off, loves animals and is friendly. Tiny bit racist though.

Somehow I don’t see either of them changing their minds. Two years and I am still fizzing.

The only positive I can see is that its giving me a kick up the backside to study for my delf B1 pro in French. (Although some of that is also I want to be able to talk to the people in my profession in French.)

Boris will try anything to be Prime Minister.

(wonders if he will suck DT’s d*ck?) Urgggg the very thought…

(Sorry to be crude, but there is frankly no other way of saying it!)

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I also hear that JRM is moving his millions to Ireland…