One month free trial of Frantastique online french lessons

Of frantastique online french lessons. If you use this link you should get a month’s trial free. A short lesson every day, normally adjusted to your level after the first day or so.

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Thanks Jane. I have 2 lessons a week with different teachers but need all the help I can get… :smiley:

Thanks for providing the link.

I can’t find anywhere on the site that tells me the ongoing cost after the ‘free trial’.

I’ve always been one of those who likes to know the price of the free lunch before picking up my knife and fork :wink:


It varies. I think the cheapest is 20€/month. But if you say no they don’ seem to bombard you with endless emails as I recall.

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I’ve started it - interesting style and quite useful I think for grammar especially. The hurdle I fell over was in lesson 2 today when the very short comprehension/dictation audio was completely incomprehensible so I couldn’t write down what I heard as I couldn’t distinguish anything. (Canadian accent!) The system now thinks I don’t know several very basic French words… sigh :roll_eyes:
Definitely worth a go though!

Yup, they like their accents! Which I think is good as that’s real life…

Oh yes I agree - I need to get my ear in - it’s just that they may think I don’t know the vocabulary and I do! However, I am happy to keep going and get some practice. As I said before, I need all the help I can get :smiley:

Things get repeated quite a bit so may not effect things too much. I can get obsessed about getting 100% so recognise that frustrated feeling. (A French friend is using the english equivalent to learn english, and smugly emails me every time he scores 100…)

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I can understand that feeling :rofl:
(I don’t think there is a smug emoticon is there? :thinking: )

I’ve been enjoying this

And this

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Thanks, Jane. Enjoyed the first leçon.

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