One of my big problems

Many thanks to you all, I hope everythings goes well, My OH is blind, my eldest daughter will be facing her 8th back operation this month, so I must try to keep going.

PS Yes Barbara I love brocolli, so that is OK

I had cancer 18 years ago and had intensive surgery and radiotherapy.

At the same time a close friend had throat cancer.

Because so much more is known about Cancer now the understanding of

it and the treatment is much less painful.

You will be eating lots of broccoli for the rest of your life.

We hope for the best Carol. Most lumps are benign it's the ones that aren't obvious that bugger you up. My wife has been through that.

Courage, Carol, courage. xxx

Fingers crossed for you Carol xxx

Well well Ihave a second cancer now secondary bone cancer after the breast cancer. Lots of treatment well looked after by three doctors and two of my children and of course by my loving husband.

Hi Carol,
My missus developed cancer in the spine and the docs were able to cure it, the only one they could actually clar up. This was important to her (and me) because it allowed her to spend her time in bed relatively pain-free.
Good luck Carol.


I am sorry to hear that Carol.
Wishing you well.

Many thanks for these kind words Peter, you are a brave man carry on being cheerful , see things on the sunny side.

All the best.

It was tough Carol and life wasn’t fun for either of us but we got through it and of course we bcame stronger for it. Six years on and I have a new life in a new aea, life is what you make it whatever the circumstaances.
Keep strong Carol.

Oh Carol I hope you feel ok and get well or at least no iller. Thinking of you and sending love.

Beautiful message Peter, keep on hoping and enjoying your new life. All the best for this coming New year 2019

Many thanks Vero , I wish you a very happy new year along with your family. XXXXXXXXX

Carol, I can’t offer any advice in your situation but just wanted you to know that you’re in my thoughts. I really hope that 2019 brings an life with less stress and your health worries ease . xx