One of my big problems

As I have lots of family problems , one of my present problems is to find out if I have got breast cancer , or is this lump in my breast is just something banal.

I am haaving a last IRM or RMI on the 18 th mars if everything is OK it will be brilliant if otherwise i will be operated on to remove the tumor.

Thank you David, have a nice day with this beautiful weather.

Good Carol. The biopsies are a pain but hopefully they will prove benign. Thinking of you.

Many thanks to you Anil, in fact i went for my IRM today and am going back for a biopsie in april.

I was so surprised by the modern apparatus which we are lucky to have in France.

Probably in other countries also .All my best wishes to you Anil.

Good luck on Friday, Carol. Hope this proves to be one of life's benign, passing problems. Your fortitude is inspiring, though. Good luck and best wishes.

Thanks Carol, best of luck for the 18th x

I am pleased about that Peter,take care of yourselves. God bless both of you

It is perfectly alright Barbara, in fact I went to the grocer's and bought lots of veg especially brocoli,Am trying to follow the Kousmine diet, with lots of healthy food.

Just a little joke ,I went to a magnetiseur, (sorry i don't know the english transalation, and he magnetised me,and I told him about another problem we have, in fact we lent quite a lot of money to a cobbler who was opening up a new shop, that was beginning of 2015 ,and apparently he is always broke,month after the money is not coming back, and we dont want to take to the tribunal de commerce, because he might lose his shop

The joke in this ,i explained this to the magnetiseur ,he said i will get rid of him for you and he thumped me in the back, saying that is for him.

Well the cobbler is still here but i have a blinkin' bad back, had to go to the doctor's to get medication.

I don't think i will go back to see the magnetiseur, what a joke.

There we are!

Simple pleasures like enjoying Brocolli or watching something on TV which

you enjoy or some music they help us through the difficult times.

As far as I know Broclli is very healthy.

I love brocolli whrn it's done in the steamer - no idea about the health benefits tho'.

AND Carol I hope that I have not upset you by directing you towards the Brocolli...

It really can taste good.

Yes Carol, i'm absolutely fine. I met a lovely lady three years ago and we are very happy together. I had no intention of drawing the curtains, locking myself away and feeling sorry for myself. Life really is what you make it, whatever the circumstances.

I am so sorry Peter, that was an awful time to go through, I hope you have found happiness again.

All my best wishes to you.

Carol, my wife would still be here with me today and in perfect health IF she had bothered to say something. She waited three months before seeing our GP which was too late as the tumour had become the size of a cricket ball and 'secondaires' had set in via the liver...

Such a waste of a lovely person.

I quite agree with you Peter, one doesn't want to know really, so we put the examens off as long as possible,quite honsetly i didn't know anything about Cancer or tumors, so I am educating my myself via Internet,

because the doctors don't tell you anything until the last minute.and then it is either youpee it isn"t That ,or oh my god it is THAT.

To be honest i do not have peolple to support me,my OH is blind so have to support him, i ,have 5 children the eldest, as i said in my last post is going to have a huge back operation very soon,my other grown up children haven't bothered to enquire about me or my daughter.I often wonder what i did wrong when i educated them, or the society educated them.

So i carry on day after day just wondering what is going to happen, I am nearly 73 so i have got a lot of things to day before i leave this world.

But do we choose, ?

Not really,thanks for your messages, that makes me cheerful!!!!!!

Trust all goes well for you. My younger daughter is a 'survivor' having had breast cancer two years ago. As someone else has said, there have been a lot of advances in recent years. You are wise, however, to have it checked. In my daughter's case she was informed - after the op - that if it hadn't been caught when it was, the outcome might not have been so good.

Please keep us all informed!

Hi! thats a big heavy post to "post" do you have people to support you through this wait for your results? you must be feeling quite frightened....

Best of luck, fingers crossed.

All I know is from personal experience with my wife is to act as quickly as possible - don't fanny about humming and hurring - get it done !!

Good luck Carol.