One of those days

oh I spoke too soon, 3 year old has just been sick everywhere!

When my two were little I used to find that the weather really seemed to affect their behaviour! I don't think it was simply that they were bored when the weather was bad and they couldn't play outside. It seemed more as though the weather actually "dictated" their mood! So on a blustery day they were "challenging" - or should that be "more challenging than usual"!!!

Can't help thinking that "nappy pants" are a great idea. It doesn't stop them from putting potty training into practise when they can, but it does save on washing/cleaning when they can't/don't! I don't think they were available when mine needed them - but they seem like a "win,win" option!

Hope that today will indeed be a better day Suzanne and that blowing the cobwebs away will be fun - and ensure that they all sleep well at "riposo" time!! :-) Good luck!

Yes - our lovely ginger Tom has been banished from the bedrooms since Jasmine arrived - he used to sleep under our bed. We caught him in the moses basket once (when Jasmine was with us downstairs) so from that point on the doors were always locked. Poor fella has been pushed out really since the nippers arrived, especially since we are always jetting back to the UK for work this past 12m. He now lives most of the time with our neighbour (who adores & spoils him rotten) though he graces us with his presence whenever we're home (and I desperately try to bribe him with ham). We should be back full time from August but it remains to be seen whether he moves back in or decides he prefers the quieter life with the retirees down the rue (he's 11 this year so no youngster himself). I do miss him though. When we've done our renovation (in goodness knows how many years given the shortfall on our budget) I will probably get a labrador puppy then s we'll have a garden by which time Jasmine will probably be going to University ;)

Glad you saw the funny side, I should by tomorrow. It really is not at all made up and as funny as I realise it comes out for everybody, for me not the best start to a day. Ultimately, parenthood fills us with ammo for loads of funny stories, puppies, kittens and all the rest of them too.

No, no, no - save puppy until youngest is perhaps three and and at upper end at that, I have always had animals around but fortunately never a puppy with wee ones, but we did find a kitten curled up round our younger one's head once and did one of those pointless panics we all tend to do after the event, however made sure it never happened again.

@ Tracy - I'm no natural mother - have u read my blogs!? I know you have! I can handle mutlimillion pound projects, deal with actuaries, accountants, directors & admininstrators but dealing with 3 of 3 and under - now that's a challenge!

ha ha Brian - you make me laugh, yes I think we should put off getting a puppy until the 3 girls are fully toilet trained, I suspect that would be enough to push me over the edge.

Thanks Kaz, Lucy, Tracy, Andrew - I think I'll have to keep Jasmine in nappies at Siesta time - she was doing so well, annoyingly my OH did say it was risky putting her to bed without one for her siesta, thankfully last night when he came in and saw all the bedding, he wisely refrained from saying I told you so!

'She had it on her' yesterday as my grandma would say, she kept pushing and pushing all day, winding Izzy up by following her around and trying to sit on her. Plus with the weather being so bad here I couldn't really get them out - she'd have blown over into the dock - the winds were so strong.

Today it is sunny & bright so I'm going to get them all out for fresh air today to clear the cobwebs & hopefully give them a good siesta this afternoon and me a chance to get some of my course done.

With everybody there. Been there, done it and it seems to have passed (bar washing 'accidents'). Then just to remove the 'gloss' our year old dog who has been clean for some time but now does adult dog proportion things made two large puddles and a pile last night. OK, one deals with it BUT... Younger daughter who normally requires a bundle of high explosives under her backside to get her out of bed, got up at a bit after 0600 this morning and went to see if I was up. She walked into one puddle and one little pile, then traipsed a nasty footprint along the corridor to me. Fortunately, I was up and on the way BUT nonetheless had a trail of footprints, using my one arm to lift lass to get her into the shower to clean said foot and then clean the rest. Then my OH came yawning into the room and slid on the large wet area and my thought, at not yet 0630 was as Lucy's: I hope that tomorrow will be a better day! :-)

I sympathise! I think anybody who has children will understand how you feel!! I hope that tomorrow will be a better day! :-)

We had similar issues last night, re the not talking bit and kids still awake at 10pm! The physically exhausting bit of it does get easier though! I can't imagine the trauma of having 2 kids in nappies and one in training, I would die but then I'm not the worlds most natural mother!

feel for you Suzanne, been there as I do as much with the kids as my OH and as Kaz said it does get easier and I really don't mean to sound patronising - ours have driven us round the bend this evening to such an extent that we're not talking but the kids won't stop. 21h22 and they're in bed but not asleep, Robin's three next week, ok at peeing when he's awake but still in nappies at night and for his sieste and still awake most evenings at 10...!

We've all had 'em. Would you beat me over the head with a dirty nappy if I said "it gets easier"? Courage!