One of those days

So today I woke up at 3am (with the wind howling) worrying that I'd left Izzy's clothes overnight in Vanish and they might just have done that (instructions say to remove after 1 hour soaking)

Took washing out of washing machine at 7am - shrunk Jasmine's woollen Catimini dress as mixed in with black washing at 40 degrees. Naffed off about that - why did I buy something handwash only? Also noticed all the black washing was white. Why? Stupid breastpads were left in one of my feeder tops - these are worse than tissues in your pocket so I need to put the whole lot back in again and I'll need to sit tonight with cellotape to get it all off those items to which fluff sticks like a magnet.

8.30am Jasmine cries out - mummy I've done a pee pee - all over Maisy's play mat - great that means I now have to hold Maisy all day & try to steralise the play mat.

10.30 am Mummy I've done a pee pee on my spotty duvet - smile - gritted teeth - put washing machine on again

Having just sorted out the washing again, I try to log onto my TEFL website to do a couple of hours of my course whilst the girls have their siestas - site is offline. Hmph! Try to do the accounts - damn internet stopped working properly and I can't download the software update I need...followed by....

Mummy I done a pee pee in my bed. Great.

Extract a 3 year old without waking 18m old - success, remove bedding, success, try to sort out washing again - 3 year old crying mummy I'm sorry I didn't mean to be naughty - it's ok, it was an accident - crying wakes up 4m old...

Result = one flat full of wet washing and one mummy who can't wait for Daddy to come back from work! Only 4 hours to go then...

'like lots' Jo

I found sterilization was a handy solution. Not the pee on the mat kind :)

hi all, thanks for your good comments - my 3 are good fun and well worth the stressy days. To hear my eldest have a fully reasoned conversation at 3 is incredible, now my 18m old is starting to speak & she's just so cute. My 4m old is full of smiles and has just started rolling over. They change so quickly & will be at school in no time, so I understand I need to cherish these days with my kids as soon they won't want to be with me :)

Carol, you are right of course. My son is 40 1/2 and naturally bald (not fashionably shaven headed), he has been with his partner for nearly 20 years and they have one of each. He is in insurance and despite his parents turned into a remarkably boring and unremarkable person. At the other end he could production-line-wise get through nappies. We both worked, including one or the other away a lot and for longish spells. Whoever stayed was thoroughly exhausted because he fed more or less at he drop of a hat. His mother, who departed this world some years ago, used to say he took years off her life, jury is still out here on my side. But later, Carol's point, you'll look back and laugh.

Was thinking about whether or not the problems are worse as they get older ... and have decided that they aren't worse - they are just different!! A whole different set of circumstances and a whole different set of issues to worry about or live through!! Not necessarily worse though! At least not in my experience!!

One day will laugh about this! I had 3 children in 2 years and 5 months...the last one was premature..only 3 and a bit lbs....(old money) big sister was 2 years and 5 months and brother 1year and 4 months...the older two breastfed for a year each...youngest fed for 4 years...had all three in nappies at night for the first 6 months...used to lay them side by side whilst I put the nappies on. Can remember a few nights with me in the spare daughter one side of the king size the other side and brother in his cot (he was inclined to smack little brother when close enough)...I kept them in nappies till they were 100% reliable...couldnt cope with wet beds and they took their nappies off to pee in the no accidents...Ive lost the best part of 5 years of mother nature kind and wipes the memory banks of stressful times ive decided... My kids all made it...the eldest now 32...they are all successful people, two live in in London, believe goes dont stress...enjoy the mad times...and dont beat yourself up!

My 3 yo is in the Philippines at her aunt's wedding. The priest turned up 2 1/2 hours late drunk. By that time Anne-Sophie had had enough. She removed her flower girl dress as it was too hot (and humid) and went to sleep in the church, missing the cermony when it actually happened. This year is the year of weddings as we were in Washington DC in March for my eldest son's wedding (which was great- no drunken priest and all clockwork) and we have another for my youngest son near Stratford upon Avvon in June. A-s was in fact very well behaved in the USA and one lives in hope in the UK. By the way she started school when she was less than 2 1/2 here and that has been a stonking success. Small village school less than 200m from our house!

Today we had one in OH's car with two bags of luggage and the keys! Mind you, not that worrying given she had belted herself in on a back seat, but in the blistering hot sun.

Other one teetered on the edge of our well. We were putting the pump down so that we could start irrigating whilst it is so hot and dry, it's nearly 30m down to the water. She was told, stay away from the well whilst we go to get things, but temptation and all that. Then she got nervous and began to scream, we heard the echos as said 'Oh merde' and ran. We found a hysterical child close enough to fall in but once snatched away we were blamed, because we 'told her not to go near'. Thank providence tomorrow is a school day!

@ Judy - I said that!!! Well - except the bit about the testosterone, which sounds like a sensible reason, though I have no idea why wind should affect that! But I am glad to konw that it isn't just my imagination!! :-)

Make the most of it Suzanne, I can assure you, these problems will fade into miniscule insignificance when they are 19 and 16 (like my 2!!)

Blustery days ... hell in primary schools... the wind affects testosterone release. Dunno why. It's the same with animals - dogs, cats, get the wind up their tails.

Good luck!

dont worry two much. the little darlings will leave home before you know it.. remember to change the locks when they do else they will bring their offspring and it happens all over again...


@Lucy - oh dear - now that is an original shake n vac!

I remember wondering why my 3yr old was so quiet while I was bathing her younger brother! Once the bath was over I discovered that it was because she was turning her bedroom into a Christmas scene with the help of a large bottle/pot of Johnsons Baby Powder!!

Hope that clearing up the shredded box of tissues is the worst thing that you have to do for the rest of the day!! :-))

whilst bathing Jasmine (3 year old), 18m old Izzy shredded a box of tissues :)

:-(( So sorry to hear that! Hope that nobody else will join in! Keep smiling and I hope that it won't be an indication of things to come!!

As I was saying...