One way van hire North West uk to France

Does anyone have experience of this?
Ive looked at a few places but seems really expensive.

Given the cost by the hirer to repatriate the vehicle I can understand why.
In other circumstances, I have seen people buy a vehicle in UK to transport stuff to France then flog it on one of the expat selling sites. On one occasion I saw, it was a pantechnicon of some considerable size! - Be able to keep a few chickens in that :wink:


Good luck… I couldn’t find one 5 years ago, As Graham says its not worth the grief for the hire companies - even the large ones don’t want RHD in the “wrong” country.

Depending on size you may find a man and van service through Shipley or one of those sites is as cheap/cheaper than a return hire with fuel/ferries etc

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That was my conclusion!!!
Rather buy newer van keep 5-10 years then get french one!

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Oops I put all the possibilities I found on the other conversation.

Thanks no worries.
Rang 2.
Just thought id try.
Going to buy vw now still in warrantee.
Fab sorted insurance…
We already have 8 spare tunnel tickets from book of 10 … extended into next year.
I drive like a snail… usually through the towns over 2 days…

It all sounds so exciting…

fingers crossed… for you.

Good choice. I’ve found VW service here to be excellent. MB service on the other hand is arrogant and crap.

Ahem… what does MB stand for… surely not Mercedes Benz… not here anyway… my local MB agency/service centre is excellent and they are always charm itself… and, no, they don’t try to pull the wool over an old granny’s eyes… :crazy_face: :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:

Yes indeed Stella it was a bit of a sweeping statement but I do think MB are unjustly arrogant. The marque isn’t what it used to be before the Chrysler merger. Thirty years ago their cars were special but nowdays they’re no different to any quality German car, maybe with the exception of Porsche (but even those are just posh Volks).

I’ve had a few Mercs, the first was a 1995 South African E220 company car which was built like a tank and got us through many hairy trips around Southern Africa. The second was a 1998 CLK230 Kompressor I bought new from MB export sales on the Champs-Élysées. It was post Chrysler merger and not built to the standard I expected. So traded it in almost immediately for a year old W129 SL 320. She was the last of the Mercs built to an engineering standard not a cost accountant’s marketing segment budget. I kept her for about fifteen years, which justified the eye watering initial cost.

Last year I needed to replace our RHD car and I a bought a C350e hybrid through a large MB UK main dealer. The good news is it’s a fine, fast and relatively economical car. The bad news is that MB dealer in the UK and the local dealer in Fréjus are rubbish, pile 'em high and get 'em out the door merchants.

Contrastingly, over the years I’ve had cars serviced (but only bought one) from my local VW dealer yet when I drop in they know my name. and are helpful.

Wolfsburg has a better attitude then Stuttgart IMO. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Weve been extremely impressed uk so far by MB. My partner bought a new sprinter. Before we bought the house in hautes alpes we were going to get a 4b4 sprinter for all our climbing adventures Alps/ Morocco crazy off road/ (marginal scary roads… ) driving to reach rock etc and we went on one of their demo weekends. We were blown away by tbe whole experience. And every thought put into the vehicle has been great (2017 sprinter)
But!!! I never liked the size, have a little more drive for trips away in a more basic style (small van) and like the transporter better.
2007 to 2020 van life and the vw for me hit the spot. ( although M B Superb after service/ after care)

Talking Superb - My Skoda Superb hits its 14th birthday next month! Great Car.

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My skoda had a lonesome 14th birthday lockdown party all by herself abandoned…

Still looking at second hand cars …
Under 1000 can get estate car
But not skoda
with towbar and rails… take it back September and flog…

well, my non-Skoda garagist ( Renault) tells me mine has not even used half its life yet; good luck finding a good estate car fur under €1000!

Ha well,
You will all be pleased to kmow that after goimg round in circles for a week luck would have it I am now back on plan a, and I now have my partner’s van to use for the move…
He was unable to in august due to the coronavirus hit on his family business so wanted the van leaving here but he has done a fair swap for my tent so very good news all round!

So I will be having a good look at vans in Gap over the summer or wait until the exchange rate picks up a little…
Or go ahead with my vw purchase in the autumm woth more time less.pressure.
I am.getting my.skoda through its ct and importing that over the summer. next thread will be about that . For now im taking a little break! And packing again!!

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Phew… now you can relax… just a little… :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:

Do you know something the rest of us don’t? I can’t see anything on the horizon that is likely to change the euro pound rate for the better.

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Its so depressing id rather go for wishful thinking!
We lost a lot of money buying our house when the vendor took months…
Thansk brexit.

That’s good Sharah. I’ve the hybrid booked in for it’s first service on August 4th. We’ll see how they do. Initial impression not good. Hourly rate on electric cars 150 vs 125 on ICE (which I think hybrids are lumped in with). Why would electric cars be more expensive other then to compensate for longer service periods? :roll_eyes: