Onedrive on Windows 10

I recently had to have my computer mended and windows 10 and Windows Defender were installed, everything was fine until I signed up to Onedrive. Now everytime I start the computer up it won’t connect me unless my internet is working and I have to sign in with a password. I didn’t have this before and would like to get rid of the Onedrive thing if I can without messing up my computer.

I’m not technically mind so if anybody knows, please tell me in easy to understand terms.

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I’m not a Windows fan but I found this reference which might be of help


The fact is that Microsoft are deliberately making it as awkward as possible to avoid having an account with them to even use Windows today, especially for the default “Joe Public” user. Whilst they can’t (yet) force you to have a OneDrive/Office365 account, they are doing their utmost to push you in that direction. This is pretty much in the same way as Apple is with macOS and their “Cloud” sync/backup, and Google with Android and “Google One”.

Obviously, if your life continued quite happily without them, then it is a PITA to have to sign up to something you don’t feel you need. There is definitely more, I feel, that could be done here to make that choice easier for users, irrespective of the provider.

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Hi Ann,
Go into your Task manager then start up

Right click on One drive & disable

Re boot & everything should be ok.

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Thank, but you say “Should be ok” will I lock myself out of my computer ?

No you’ll be alright, One drive is like Drop box all your doinig is disabling it when you start your computer. Disabling One drive stops it connecting to microsoft servers.

Can’t find Task Manager?? tried a search but nothing came up

Right click the taskbar (in an area not occupied by an icon), it should be listed in the menu which pops up.

It’s not actually awkward to use W10 without a M$ account - though the process goes out of its way to hide that fact - you just have to clink “Next” when you log in and persist through it telling you your “Windows experience” will be worse. Personally I think it is just as likely to be better.

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If you have Windows in French Gestionnaire des tâches

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That would probably be something to do with dry cleaning :slight_smile:

I don’t have a French copy of Windows but Gestionnaire de tâches is probably what you need (small circumflex, big change1).

1] I get caught out by diacritics changing meaning all the time. :frowning: It’s why I daren’t go anywhere near French correspondance without Google translate, Deepl and Reverso’s grammar checker.

Voilà corrigé ^^ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
All you need to do is type Gestion or task on my machine and Gestionnaire de tâches pops up.

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Right found and disabled the Onedrive and restarted computer, but now think it was something to do with Windows Hello as I’m still having to add a password to my email address to gain access. Really wish I hadn’t messed around with Win Defender.

Sorry, Ann, can’t help with Windows Hello as my computers are all on a company build, so most of the commercial annoying things have been either disabled or taken off.
If you use Outlook I may be able to help. But most e-mail accounts settings have a button to click to remember the password.

Thanks Warren, my email accounts are with yahoo and I use Thunderbird to access them

It’s something to do with Microsoft accounts.

Just press the Control Alt and Delete keys at the same time.

…pull the plug, find the box the pc came in and take the whole lot down the dechetterie :upside_down_face: :grin:

I use TB as an email client, what’s your issue there?