Online ironmongery/hardware supplier here in France?

Hi all, just a quickie to find out if anyone knows of a good online company here in France that supplies a comprehensive range of ironmongery/hardware (locks, hinges etc) both standard and architectural? I would normally order from the UK but have been looking and looking for similar here but to no avail, thought maybe someone had found a little gem as I am struggling! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

I came across this that I liked and will probably use :-

Boutique tenue par : eBay Store features a range of special offers and deals across the whole architectural ironmongery & hardware range. Ironmongery World is a leading manufacturer and major distributor of hand forged, heavy duty ironmongery products and the preferred choice of DIY professionals.

Hilary, Dordogne

Thanks for the replies, it is a hard task I think, I have been scouting around online again today but am drawing a blank, looks like it may have to be an order from the UK again. Shame, to be honest when I visit my local Bricos I am impressed by some of the ironmongery they carry, it just doesn't cover all my (my clients) needs, at the moment I am in the market for loft hatch hinges and catches, the old style fanlight type that you use a pole hook to operate, but just cannot find them here. I shall persevere in the future and if I find any decent online shops will update. Thanks again for taking the time to respond :)

Ah ha, sorry yes now I get the picture, It just that with B&Q owning a fair number of the french bricos and most of it from china anyway it would probably need to be specialised.

John, it was Matt who first alerted me amongst others no doubt, to the fact that screwfix now delivered to France.

I get the impression it is French ironmongery he is now after. It is significantly different it has to be said. I would be very interested as well. I haven't looked myself for a while.....which is why I "followed" this one....;o) will deliver to france now and Screwpack are similar but based in france.