Online Live Yoga!

Yama Yoga True North
Through the Mind-Body App

My pilates teacher is doing similar with a live session every weekday at 9.00am. I could do a routine myself of course, but motivation much easier when someone you know if encouraging you!

It feel like a one-on-on private class! Love, love, LOVE :heart:

Ooh - looking forward to it! Also love Yoga with Adrienne ![] (//

So cool! Thanks! It would be fun to do an « international » class! Looking forward to « seeing » you in class!
One advantage of live online yoga is No Judgement! You can wear what you want, take breaks when you want, sit out a few chaturangas and watch the stuff you aren’t inclined to do today…plus you always have a front row spot! Haha!!!
Class has seriously become the highlight of my day.

The link doesn’t work for me. Can you tell me the name of the studio?

Sorry! Try this

The other one was me trying to be clever and importing a namaste emoji - and failing!

I saw the namaste hands but I thought it was the logo for Adrienne’s studio hahahahaha !