Oooh it's the Boat Race!

Title says it all really. Allez les bleus (clair) :wink:

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In my childhood The Boat Race was a major sporting event, followed avidly by everyone within the family. I backed Cambridge simply because they won the year I was born… the rest made their own choices…

Always lots of shouting/noise throughout and even louder wails when the wrong team won… :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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Fantastic women’s race, don’t really see why Cambridge didn’t take the Surrey side in the men’s race but there we are. Oxford rowed a blinder.

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Really enjoyed both races and no sinkings is always a bonus :smiley:

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I see Oxford and Cambridge both got to the final again


I can’t remember who I used to support but it was the one from which my GCE O Level exams came, and I passed some. :rofl:

Mine with were JMB - Joint Matriculation Board - a mixture of the two I think.