Open an account with Monabanq and receive up to €170 bonus (hurry, I only have a limited number of invites available)


(Christine Ferguson) #23

Many thanks - I shall let you know when invite arrives :slight_smile:

(George Nardell) #24

Hi James

I too would love an invite if still available



(James Higginson) #25

Sent :slight_smile:

(Mary Wolcott) #26

I did receive

(George Nardell) #27

Hi James

Many thanks - brilliant timing for me too !


(Mary Wolcott) #28

Thanks James; I did receive the invite!

(Christine Ferguson) #29

thanks, the Monobanq invitation reached me yesterday.

cheers, Christine

(James Higginson) #30

Everyone should have their invites as of now (Tuesday 23rd), how are you getting on with your applications? Need any help?

(Arash G) #31

Any invitations left?

(James Higginson) #33

Yes, I’ll need your full name though please :slight_smile:

(Gearoid Bolguidhir) #34

Hi Brian Have you any left? I’m very interested
Many thanks

(stella wood) #35


Hi Gerry… You are obviously enjoying this Forum…

so, please could you complete the details on your Registration Page… Full name is a requirement… and is often overlooked when folk first join us…


(James Higginson) #36

Yes! Will send it to you right away.


(Gearoid Bolguidhir) #37

James what am I looking for (here or personal email?)

(James Higginson) #38

Personal email

(Gearoid Bolguidhir) #39

Nothing received :frowning:

(James Higginson) #40

They take a little while to arrive, check your spam, everyone else has received theirs so far. If you don’t have it by tomorrow, please let me know :slight_smile:

(bawden claudia) #41

All sorts of conditions attached as usual but I ll try for an invite, if you please…
Claudia Bawden

(Gearoid Bolguidhir) #42

James. Thanks has come through much appreciated. We want it for our MicroBic but we will every so often need to lodge cheques and cash. How easy is that to do with this account? Is it affiliated to one of the major banks so you can use it to lodge in?

Is it like firstdirect?


Gerry Bolger
Tel: 07956-987156

(James Higginson) #43

Yes, you can use any branch of CIC for cash/cheques etc.