Open an account with Monabanq and receive up to €170 bonus (hurry, I only have a limited number of invites available)


(James Higginson) #64

I :heart: Monabanq!

(anon5340228) #65

Holy bananas…easiest account open ever…what a faffless process. Right. Will see how it goes and then move things over. Thanks James. Hope they send you some pennies as a result :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Badger) #66

Thank you. I had to forage in the spam filter for it, but all is well now.

(James Higginson) #67

I have new invites available (they stopped the promo for a while), let me know if you want one :slight_smile:

(Mary Wolcott) #68

Hi James, it’s a bit late but I never got to use the first incentive. I’m applying now, finally. Thanks again.

(James Higginson) #69

Done, please check your email, may take a few hours :slight_smile:

(Mary Wolcott) #70

Hi James,

So I’m reading through the documentation and wanted to ask you about whether my sign up will incur the credit to you as a sponsor:

“The sponsorship is considered effective for any first opening of a current account All Inclusive or Premium All Inclusive (excluding youth offers, auto-entrepreneur, right to the account and alternative offer)”

What if I decided not to get a card? Would you still get credit as sponsor, for my opening an account?

(James Higginson) #71

I don’t know! Does All Inclusive or Premium All Inclusive have a card?

(Mary Wolcott) #72

Not sure yet. I have time, so I will mull over this and read some more…