OPEN SESAME ! Just doesn't work..........Auto garage door glitch and no manuals to help

Hi all,

Read an article recently in the Daily Mail, that if one had achieved or possessed one of a long list of items,such as a wine cave, nanny, cleaner ....), or are, like me, the proud owner of an automatic garage door- ...that one could be considered to have 'arrived'.....

However, .... I have a problem with my automatic garage door.......

................ but I wonder if you, my fellow ex-pats might be able to help ?

The fact that the light attached to the sensor alluminates, shows that it is receiving electricity and when the telecomander/remote control button is pressed, then an led flashes.....but , the fact is, that unless we switch off the fuse at the fuse box...the light on the mechanism flashes on & off continually(& the door does not work).....

I suspect that it probably needs resetting (somehow), but the previous owner left me no instruction manual(s) and the other frustrating thing is that the telecomander is Somfy, the receiver is Monseigner....I have tried looking online, but no luck !

The first electrician who originally took pictures ....has not responded to my emails, so I have to start again.

I have managed to get some more photos taken and I will try to attach them here....I think it is possible to read the details of the label, but just in case, we wrote them down.



MONSEIGNER ret HRB No 348/R Made in Europe

(inside the cover) >SB< 8782 329239 (& then a kind of clock face with an arrow in the middle & 03, the arrow pointing to 2 on the clock face)

(I think this must mean 2003 & February for manufacturing date)

I have no experience with these things, so I don't know if there is a magic re-set, I should also say that the whole mechanism, has been inspected from my loftiest ladder and there does not appear to be any kind of blockage.....Any (useful) suggestions please.... ?



Doing what I suggested should pair the fob with the motor/control. The others shouldn't work after that unless you go through the same pairing procedure with them. Good luck. Some sort of arrangement on the lines I suggested should work. It's normally just a matter of getting the receiver to recognise the transmitter.

Hello again Vic,

I am going to attempt to put into practice your instructions early next week, (re My grange autoporte) as it involves clambering up and perching rather high up on ladder and as I don't have much of a head for heights, I am waiting for a couple of friends to come over and give me a hand with this.

But it also occurred to me that I ought if possible to try to change the 'combination' of the fob if it's possible as I know that there were at least 3 of these things in use by the relatives of the person who sold to me. One or two still live nearby and I was never given the other fobs.

Is this easy to do ?

Yes, of the 1st things I did was to change the I don't think that is the problem....will let you know how I get on.

Hope it works ! One other probably obvious thing :- Make sure the battery in the remote is a good un. The very low power radio signal of these things is hugely dependant on the battery voltage.

Halleluia ! ....a result, so soon.....

Fantastic detail, Vic !..... & many thanks for this.

I will print out your instructions and, if they work and resolve the (very annoying) problem.... then I will be eternally grateful .......and you deserve an exceptionally good Xmas.....

These things are all pretty similar inasmuch as they motor one way (open for example) until they can't open any further at which time the motor starts to overload/ draw too much current & the electronics says 'stop' , switches off the motor & puts it in the reverse position ready to close when commanded. The opposite happens when it closes. On mine, to programme the remote control one does this :- switch on the mains feeding the motor unit when a little red light lights up, push a button marked 'RF' on the motor unit for 2 secs ( push any button that looks like it might be the one) until the light goes out. push the remote button to programme/ synchronise the remote to the motor unit. If it has worked the light will light up again. Repeat the actions if this fails. I think the thing on your photo marked '8' & the thing you turn next to it is the adjustment for how long the light stays on after opening/closing. The two wires, red/white shown on your last photo are possibly connected to an internal switch like a bell push to open the door from inside the garage without using the remote. Do you have such a switch? I'm not a garage door mechanic nor a person who has 'Arrived'. I'm just a a bloke who has fitted a few of these things to his own garage doors 'cos he's a lazy SOB :-) Anyway, I hope this might help. It might just be that the things have lost touch with each other.