Opening a basic French bank account when unemployed

I have just enquired to open an online account because i want to have a basic account for me ready for when i started working and for transferring funds into from my uk account but only a small amount. Because of all the requirements i have seen they need i did a research into where i can open an account with my current situation. Hello bank said i need to make a deposit of atleast 5k but i said i cannot and refered me to BNP paribas instead since they are mostly used to dealing people like me. I have my passport, tenant receipt, edf statement but no proof of income and very little funds to deposit so i do not know how to get around it. I want to go make enquiry in branches we have in town but i do not know if they have english speaking staff. I wanted to check if i could get an account with other benefits for basic house and car insurance. I have been advice to register for auto entrepreneur being a consultant for neals yard organics in france, is this something that banks need to know too? I just find things complicated because i’m so used to doing everything over the phone or online in the UK and get somewhere but here i do not know where to even start :pensive:

You could try
Once you have a personal account, if you then register a business you’ll need to open a separate account for the business. I assume britline will do that for you but I couldn’t say for sure. But it’s best take things one step at a time, get one account first.

Britline does not do business accounts but turn a blind eye if you know what I mean.

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