Opening a UK bank account without a UK address

Barclays have just informed me they are closing my account as I have an EAA address. NSandI tell me they can’t accept payments from Revolut as they do not have a UK clearing bank. I can open a HSBC expat account if I leave £50000 in the account. Anyone had any recent success in opening a UK bank account without having a UK address?

Try Nationwide BS (building society!). I don’t know their policy, re your situation, but I’ve never had any problems with them.

I retained my Nationwide account because our village has poor 3/4G connectivity and they provide a card reader, that can be used instead of a cell phone code to verify banking transactions and online purchases.

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I already had a Halifax account. I just had to provide proof of address so I took a bill to the Notaire and she stamped it for me (free of charge) and I sent it to them. That was already open when I moved here though, I don’t know if it will be different if you tried to open one while living here.

Not opening, but I’ve so far not had any issues in maintaining my Nationwide account. They happily send things like cards, card readers, etc… to my address in France. Perhaps worth contacting them to ask if a UK address is required for opening an account?

This is the primary issue, the majority are still vaguely happy with maintaining accounts, but you have to be resident to open.

are you sing the correct a/c details to make a sterling payment? My base account is the FR IBAN version but the Sterling wallet still maintains a UK sort code and account number in the UK format from which I can receive funds and make payments…

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Can no longer open new accounts without UK address. They have as yet not kicked out customers but will no longer allow them to open new savings products.

This has been an issue with government departments for some years, they won’t send or accept details to things that don’t have a U.K. banking license. I think VAT or something was the same, in the early days of… Monzo perhaps? there was much confusion around this as they wouldn’t accept the account details when it was a prepaid card, and for a good year after it got its banking license and became a proper bank they were still refusing to allow people to use Monzo accounts, and Monzo themselves had to get involved in the end as so many people were being wrongly refused. It may be a coincidence, but as soon as I read this it immediately reminded me of the previous Monzo situ, and since Rev is still an EMI in the U.K., not a bank, perhaps they’re treated the same.

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@Keith_Childs Take a look at this topic which will give you some pointers on how to move forward
HSBC are your best bet but be prepared for a battle!!

Is investing in NS&I still a good idea if you are French resident?
The winnings may be free of tax in the UK but you will be taxed on any earnings from NS&I in France - they are fully declarable as I’m sure you know.
There are many other more tax efficient vehicles in which to invest in France…

I saw that you can open a basic account with HSBC. I have started the process so thanks for the advice about the time delay.

I don’t regard the premium bonds as an investment. If I should win a million I’ll gladly pay the tax :grinning:


The message I received from NSandI: “Speaking to our sales team, they have confirmed that as Revolut has pre-paid cards and doesn’t have a UK clearing bank we cannot accept payments from this type of account”

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I believe that LLoyds International (on the Isle of Man) do multi-currency current accounts (at a cost of £7.50/month, which includes a debit card) , but don’t be surprised if the fisc come knocking at your door when you declare it.

There was some South African bank offering an international account in Sterling for non-UK residents, but there was the issue of having to keep a sizeable minimum amount in the account at all times…

Some Irish banks also offer GBP/EUR accounts, perhaps worth looking there ?

even modest winnings are taxable in France… indeed, all winnings are and if you don’t have an S1, you will also pay CSG (social charges).

I’m with @Keith_Childs on this. They may be more tax efficient but they don’t give you the big win. If we are ever to finish restoring our money pit and change our 20-30 year old cars we need the big win! :grinning:

the big win is the draw though, isn’t it. I forget what the chances are now of the £1m but in the last few years ISTR the odds have lengthened… and there are fewer other prizes as well.

I know, But someone has to win and I won’t win if I don’t play. I’ve also taken up the Euromillions lottery - I only need one line, because that’s all it takes to win. :grinning:

Had similar situaion and changed to Nationwide with no problems. They sent me forms to fill in here in France and after returning them had to wait for their decision by regular mail saying the account was approved. I then had 1 month to to visit any branch in England with the documents to finalise the opening. They then sent debit card etc to me in France. Initial contact was made by phone to their Customer Services. Good luck

Banking issues like this are never good news, particularly if you still need to do domestic uk transactions often related to property ownership or rent. Maybe a solution is to use the address of a reative or special very trusted friend. If transactions are done online then the risk is low.