Opinions Wanted About Flights To And From Poiters Airport

Here’s a chance to air your views on flights to and from Poitiers. Deadline is 15th June.

My opinion is that public transport is upside down.

It only takes 7hours 30 mins to get from Poitiers to London by train, which is LOADS more green than flying, plus you can get up and walk, use the phone and the internet, and carry a reasonable amount of luggage with you.

The problem is that it’s too expensive for most of us. Cheap flights are so damadging, it’s ridiculous that we are even in this situation after so many years of scientific evidence for global warming and air-pollution related deaths.


I think what I’m trying to say is, if you can afford the Train, PLEASE PLEASE consider taking that liitle bit extra time, PLEASE use it, because you’ll be helping the rest of us, who can’t, to get to where you now are eventually.

It’s not easy being green!

I just wish there were more uk destinations offered from Poiters airport.

I live in the UK, but my Dad lives near Sauze Vaussais and being of ill health, i fly out there a fair bit to see him. Living in Yorkshire, my only real option is to fly to Limoges, of which I can fly from Leeds, East Mids or over to Liverpool, but which then incurs a drive of around 1.5 hours, whereas Poitiers is only about 30 minutes, so would be a godsend with the increasing amount of times I’m having to fly over now.

The flights I take to Limoges, particularly from Leeds are regularly full, so I wondered why Ryanair didn’t make more use of the alternative (poiters) to bring people to the area and offer more flexibility, thus generating more business.

Maybe someone knows the reasoning behind Ryanairs reluctance to use Potiers airport from northern uk departure points (Edinburgh exepted I understand)


Hi Guys

Listening to various opinions on the subject of flights at Poitiers etc, I realise that this subject gets people going!! I use the service on a regular basis as I know many do and I have had no problems. I appreciate that it is cattle class with the facilities, such as too small a waiting area and insufficient seating on a busy flight, however I for one feel that it is worth it especially for convenience such as unscheduled emergency visits to the UK as I have recently done at 24 hours notice which cost just over 100 Euros return, which I thought was excellent.
I would rather put up with the stampede rather than not have the service as we experienced a couple of years back, and long may Ryanair keep using Poitiers!!