OQTF Ban in France

Hi Guys, Im new here and need of some advice.
I work in the yachting industry and my parents live in the Correze.
Last May I tried to apply for a long stay isa in France and filled in the paperwork that the Prefecture in Tulle gave me and I duly completed. 2 months later I had an interview for the CDS and was given the Recepisse, valid until Jan 24. I was told I was not allowed to work in France but it would be beneficial to get a work contract to prove my earning potential elsewhere.

I took a job in August in Greece, Italy and Turkey. I returned to Italy in December and in March was turned around at the Mentone border and told that I had an OQTF in my name in France, for overstaying my 90 day visa in France. technically I was bang on the 90 day visa as I was stamped out of Europe in Turkey and remained stamped out in Italy.

Doesn’t anyone know how to reverse the OQTF the prefecture isn’t answering my emails or phone calls. or do I need to get a lawyer involved?

Does technically mean really or not though? How were you “stamped out of Europe” in Italy?

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This any use?

As a seafarer your passport is stamped as if you’ve left Italy or which ever country you are in at the time. So I left Turkey in December for the new boat in Trieste Italy where I had my passport stamped in Rome entering and later that day before joining the yacht thee agent took me to the port authorities and had an exit stamp put in my passport leaving Italy. denoted by the small picture of the boat in the stamp.

thanks I’ll have a look into it