Oral French intermediate course, free

The University of Nantes is providing a course on funmooc.fr entitled “Paroles de FLE {Français Langue Etrangère} niveau B2”. Registration is free, and the course starts on Monday 16th October. It uses video to focus on comprehension of spoken French - should be useful to anyone with intermediate French but a need or desire to practise a bit more.

There’s also a course on ‘La Francophonie’ for those interested in a more philosophical (and political) approach to the language.


The link you posted gives server not found - I think that it should be https://www.fun-mooc.fr/ - not found the course yet though, googling “Paroles de FLE” leads to the registration for last year’s course.

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OK, it’s at https://www.fun-mooc.fr/courses/course-v1:univnantes+31001+session03/about


Did anyone sign up for this? I did initially but wasn’t able to complete the first week - ironically because we had my son’s French exchange student staying with us. I also got slightly misled by the top of the page saying that the work was due Nov 6th and I assumed it was a rolling programme of a new piece of work to do each week but two weeks to complete any given task - this was the case with another online course I signed up to and allows a bit of flexibility if you are busy one week. Sadly this is not the case, each piece of work must be done the same week.

This week we are in France and it became a straight up battle for time between the course and more tiling in the kitchen and the garden - having problems accessing the second week’s exercise sealed its fate and I un-enrolled.

Oh well, maybe next year. If anyone does sign up, when they say 4 hours per week that is pretty realistic IMO so you do need to be able to commit that much time.

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Sorry for not replying earlier; I have kept on with the course, and it has definitely challenged me, but it’s also been good fun. Plenty of videos about different French towns, about travel, not too difficult on a language level, but the ‘defi de la semaine’ requires connected writing in French, and that has pushed me a bit.

I have only probably done three or four hours a week; it could be more, I suppose, if you needed to listen to the videos more than a couple of times. It’s certainly been worth it.

I might make a point in the discussion board about the tight deadlines and helping people who can’t complete the tasks to still benefit from the materials.