Orange alert Charente, Gironde and Dordogne

and cote d azur winds up to 150 km per hr…batten down the hatches.

Phew… windiest day this year…

electrics keep popping on/off… so glad we invested in a backup battery for the computer… I can continue working…and try to convince myself the house is not really going to fly down the street…:laughing:

Lot et Garonne 125 kph here, electrics OK atmo, have a 2kW back up inverter just in case.

Much the same in our part of the Deux Sevres. Electric and internet have been disappearing all day.

Just very breezy here in the west of the Lot, cannot see any damage being done.

Came home to a house with electricity, felt smug, then noticed, because of various appliances, that it had actually been off most of the day…


We have been losing our electricity on and off all day here in Southern Burgundy.
The wind has died down at about 6 o’clock this evening.

We fought our way (on foot) to the Salle de Fête this evening for Tango…:grin:

Surprised how many folk managed to get there. Brave of them considering their tales of trees down on the roads and debris everywhere…

Just hoping they all make it home safely… :wink:

Phew…we’ve been luckier than many others…

A colleague of mine almost lost 4 fingers this morning because the wind slammed the big heavy metal and glass door so hard as we came in to work, she got her hand out in time and will probably lose her nails but that’s all, ghastly but a lucky escape considering what could have been. I didn’t realise what had happened until I saw the ends of her fingers.

good grief… glad she is OK…

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Stella, did you buy the backup battery here in France?


My OH is the master of such things and is currently having his siesta…
I’ll get back to you asap.

Peter Jusélius…

Seems we used Amazon Fr

There are many products available. Ours is an APC Onduleur (smooths the current fluctuations) with a backup battery which takes over during power cuts.

Depending on the price… you can get longer/shorter battery time.

Ours gives 30 minutes… sufficient for me to complete a document etc and/or save my work.

We have the computer, modem and phone link all connected up… so no more dropping off-line and losing work… every time there is a momentary blip…and our equipment seems happier with the balanced-feed.

We have a generator in the shed… but not needed it… so far…:wink:

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Thank you Stella, just ordered one, I haven’t had many power cuts but it is very annoying when it happens.

Well done Peter… used to drive me nuts… just a flash and I could lose hours of work… now, calm, peaceful…all OK :slight_smile: