Orange are driving me mad

Found this one - 09 69 39 39 00 and this one -09 69 36 39 00
Hope one of them works for you

Thanks Peter

I have been ringing these 2 numbers repeatedly for the last 2 hours and on and off for the last 2 weeks and always engaged.

The 0969363900 number is the right one. Just tried it, gets answered straight away with their normal happy music etc. You sure you haven’t got a problem with your phone? Maybe give the helpline a call😂

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Thanks Mark - you are a genius - tried ringing from my mobile and it works, but I get an engaged tone from my VOIP home phone - so the VOIP must have a setting to block it.

C’est le dispositif anti-anglais.


I’m in the uk at the moment so used my mobile. Must admit, whenever I’ve called them before it’s always been from my mobile because my livebox has gone wonky

Funny thing has happened today. It has happened once before but went away quite soon.
I logged on as usual this morning and several times replied to or was directed by emails from Orange.

But then I noticed a little red box bottom right which told me that I was not connected to the internet. But I was, and am now, obviously, but it is still there. But what is not connected is my email box. Doesn’t matter what I click on in the boite de reception it simply says that the spam dossier is empty, and that was the last place I visited before this began.

Also I have received one reply on here which would have been notified, but nothing has arrived in my inbox. The Livebox is showing all the right lights, as you would expect if everything was ok, but the boite de reception is definitely not working. :confused:

Edit: It’s back. :grinning: I set the computer to shut down and restart before going outside for a bit, and lo and behold. :joy:

It’s the old adage … Have you tried turning it off and then on again ? The old solutions are often the best.