Orange comes good! Thanks to Blk Fri

Got an Orange/Sosh account? Need a new mobile phone? The Motorola G23 is on offer for €99. That’s €70 off the usual price.

One of the big +++ of the G23 is that it as 2 x SIM slots AND a slot for a micro SD card. Most other M/rolas and many other brands, inc models costing a lot more than €169, have 2 slots - marketed as 'Dual SIM - but you have the option only of either 2 x SIM or 1 SIM/1 SD card.

As many an SFista has an FR number and a UK number, 2 x SIM with the option of increasing storage with an SD card is brill.


A rare thing these days, good spot.

On the other hand … :roll_eyes:

The €70 discount on the phone has been eaten up, all but €10, because the new oven I have had to buy - old one had a cracked inner glass panel, not replaceable - costs €60 to deliver ‘to a room of your choice’.

The problem is The Precipice, the steep steps up from the road, followed by more uphill [including more steps] round the house to the front door, which is at the back.

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I’m curious what room one might choose other than the kitchen. :thinking:

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It’s a catch-all phrase at the booking stage for all big items - beds, washing machines, gert big tellys 'n all.

I know, just a pathetic attempt at humour.