Orange English language helpline

Is this unusual or am I imagining it?

Last month I phoned the aforementioned helpline for some info on registering for the new fibre service in our area - he was most helpful and eventually took my order and I decided to move out two mobile phone contracts to Orange as well.

Something has gone wrong with the order (long story) and I have now tried four times to sort it out via the same helpline. Things start well enough (apart from one lady who spoke as if I was a rude schoolboy) and then, I realise I’m not talking to anyone any more, it seems they have cut me off.

Is this how it is normally?

The English speaking help line is essentially sales oriented. The operatives maybe are commission driven so have less concern about problems so wish to move on quickly to the next call.

Doesn’tthe menu still direct you between sales (answered quickly) and technical (be prepared for a *long* wait).

Although I was very grateful to have an English speaking service one thing which always annoyed me was that there was no change in the message if no-one was at work to answer the call (eg on a BH), it just plays the hold music at you until you either go mad or realise no-one is at home.

Do you have an Orange retail outlet anywhere near you? We’ve always found staff in the shop very helpful.

My experience runs counter to this. I have had very good results from Orange’s Eng lang c/s. Something went wrong with the original a/c set-up - right package, wrong d/d/ [in their favour, of course] .

The staffer cancelled my a/c, set up a new one, got the p.m. d/d right … Some other problem later was also efficiently and courteously dealt with.

To cap it all, to my surprise, Orange Eng lang sorted a problem I’d run into when switching to Sosh. Word on the street is that if you switch to Sosh, you’re cast into outer darkness, where you will suffer the abomination of desolation.

I disagree with that. Sosh support via their website is very responsive and effective.

Also, When I was with Orange, the service did fail from time to time, often because of scheduled works. With Sosh, I now receive emails and text messages warning of any predicted downtime, accompanied by an additional 200Gb of mobile data added to my account. If an unexpected failure occurs, a text alerts me to the outage - again, with an additional 200Gb of data for my mobile.

That’s good to know. Typical of’word on the street’. So far I have had no probs other than the overall failure of the local comms setup to get fibre down our street. I give a hollow laugh when I pass those signs on the edges of tiny villages - ‘Commune fibré’.

Certainly not going to happen here in the near future, if at all!
Concerning the English helpline, my partner rang it on Monday since he had no phone or internet at his little pad in town and gave up waiting in the end. He rang the “normal” helpline, was answered immediately by a charming chap who spoke very clear, not too fast, French and they sorted it all out very quickly, even managing to share a joke on the way…

Probably wrong place to post, but just (yesterday) had the new fibre connection done in the new house. Internet works fine, but phone rings and i cant hear anyone (number isnt displayed), but they can hear me - anyone any ideas?

Is the phone connected to the router, is it your own phone or one the company supplied.

Following on from @Griffin36 , we had a similar situation when we moved over to Orange and lost our direct landline connection for the phone as they would only give us a phone that was routed via the router. The landline points are still there but we can’t really use them, although some things clearly happen with them. Is that remotely like your situation @mark?

Ours is the same - when we got fibre. We have been able to keep our landline number fortunately, but the phone is plugged into the back of the router.

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That is exactly the same as us Sue (except there is no fibre in our neck of the woods!) Taking out a new contract forced us down that route, unfortunately, but, like you, we were able to keep our number rather than have one of the “09” series

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Yes, its our phone (gigaset) and connected to the router. I asked for (and got) a geographical number (02) rather than an 09#####

Do you have an Orange retail outlet anywhere near you? We’ve always found staff in the shop very helpful.

The offer I signed up to is Web-only.

After three weeks I received an email that my order has been canceled - no warning, just cancelled.

Also with Sosh.
Very good CS.