Orange France

I am taking over a small business in February and want to keep the phone number and email address currently in use , is it simply a case of contacting Orange France and telling them the date I will take over or is it typically more involved than that?



Isn't it a case that the existing client needs to inform Orange re the phone number, as for the e-mail again you need the pass word for the account which you can then change to your personal preference thus isolating the original 'owner'

You can normally keep the same number, the case with our business, but if the person doesn't leave the area and wants to keep their number they get first choice as it's theirs. As for the email address, that's a bit more complicated as it's personal and already been given to the person, not the phone line (I think) but one of the sfn computer bods will probably be able to tell you more. Best thing is to contact orange direct and ask (and the existing business owner of course!)

Bonne chance ;-)