Orange Internet phone on permanent down-time

Our orange Internet + ADSL phone line has been down for nearly 2 weeks. We’re expecting notification in a few days that they’ve fixed the diagnosed problem and we can plug the live box again. Bearing in mind I’ve done next to no work for a fortnight already, does anyone fancy my chances of getting orange to give us temporary “normal phone line” access to the phone point until they fix their equipment? To be clear, the original analogue phone line is still there- we’d only have to remove the ADSL converter. Any advice welcome. (NB I’ve already tried unplugging the ADSL and seeing whether the phone works without orange flicking a switch- it doesn’t). Thanks

Your problem does underline the precaution of maintaining a standard line as part of the Orange Internet bundle.

Got to be worth a try, Emily. They can only say no! But it seems to me they have a duty to provide you a service given that you rely on it for work, and if they don't then they could be in breach of contract and you could demand compensation. I know, it sounds unlikely, but you won't know if you don't ask/threaten. Have a look at the Get Help page on Useful Links where there are some numbers for Orange.