Orange Livebox, cables for installation including smart TV?

Hello. Our Livebox 5 is to be installed on fibre connection later in July. Having had difficulties with french set ups in various gites, we are paying for the Orange engineer to make all of the cable connections to phone, new smart TV, wifi etc. We will use WiFI for computers.

My question(s) is (are) about what cables we might need to supply ourselves.

I have just spoken with Orange English Technical support and was told that “there is nothing on the notes here that tells me you need to get anything in advance, when the engineer comes he will tell you what you need (if anything).”

I am suspicious of that advice. The last thing we want is to have to arrange for a second engineer visit because the right cables were not available.

My guesses are these for the cabling:-

Cable from fibre cable entry to house to Livebox - Orange will supply

Cable from Livebox to DECT phone - Will come with phone

Cable from Livebox to TV - We supply - but what is the cable and connections? Is there another box involved between the Livebox and the TV?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.


Orange should supply another box (not a Livebox) with a remote control for your TV.

The connection between that and your Livebox is an ethernet cable.

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Certainly with the non-fibre Orange LiveBox (of which we did have experience) Orange supplied the TV decoder which had an RJ45 (Ethernet) port from the LiveBox router (or one could use WiFi) and then an HDMI cable from the decoder to the smart TV.
From memory, Orange supplied the HDMI cable and at least one RJ45 Ethernet cable but given that the distance from the placement of the router and the decoder is an unknown, you may wish to use WiFi to connect the decoder to the LiveBox. The length of cables provided from memory is in the range of a metre.
You may find these two references of help:
Décoder TV
Livebox 5
I’m pretty sure that the Engineer will make the Fibre connection to the Livebox but you should establish for yourself in advance where you wish to place the equipment given the comments in the two references.
In our case, we have an RJ45 socket close to the TV and routing in the wiring plan of the house from where the telephone connection enters the house to the router (in the bureau) and from the router to the decoder in close proximity to the TV (HDMI cables are not usually more than about 1m in length and should not exceed about 5m for UHD)
reference re HDMI for 4K/UHD

I hope that helps in your decision making.

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@graham and @Nigel-at-BUF-House , thank you.

Taking several RJ45 and HDMI with me so will be covered. We will sort out the exact location of TV etc once connection is made.

Am I right to say that all those SCART cables I have carefully kept can now be binned?

Here are a couple of references re SCART:
can I still use SCART
SCART ultimate guide
The use of SCART is diminishing with better UHD capability (which wil probably improve further over time). If you have lots of them, reduce it down to one perhaps on a “just in case” basis but I doubt you will find a need for it with more up-to-date equipments.
I think I may well have one buried away somewhere in a box of cables in the garage but not expecting to use it any time soon…

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